Ernie (DQA Form)
Ernie the Giant Chicken is once a powerful chicken Sith, however when he was revived after the Battle of Night Fury Topia. He became an outcast. And he's one of the main antagonists in season 4.


Ernie was once the most powerful Sith lord in the galaxy, but after Princess Sharon killed him in the battle of Night Fury Topia. He was revived by some various villains (who reactched his decapitated head onto his old body) and gave him robotic arms on his arms with several scars on him. But then he was soon an outcast and banished on the Sith world of Koribaan which was now a ruin. (within that time, he constructed a new Lightsaber using parts broken some broken Lightsabers he found) And so, he begins looking for an ancient Sith holocron, but gets lost. And is haunted by the Skullcrawlers predators, who hunt other animals. 


Ernie then became a lonely, insane, psychopath, who is looking for an ancient Sith holocron in order to defeat his enemies, and make the galaxy all his. But in "Return of the Big Bad Chicken" he got lost, till he met Zina. Zina asks what happened to him, Ernie warms up and explains he was the most powerful Sith in the galaxy, till he met his great lost. During an epic battle Sharon sliced off both of his arms. But some of the most brilliant scientists found him, and gave him robotic ones, but when he was reunited with the other villains, they throw him into an outcast on Koribaan and left him. And explain that they don't need him anymore. Zina was shocked, and decided to help Ernie. But when the others discovered he was alive, they threaten him, but Zina explains he changed. Then the 3 Inquisitors and the Death Troopers arrive, before they were all attacked by 3 Skullcrawlers. Till Ernie kills all 3 of them with his Lightsaber/cane, and they escaped the girls. And then, Blackie asks him where Zina is. But Ernie says that she's now his apprentice, and he cuts off Blackie's left arm!

He then reveals his true plans to the team, to use the Sith knowledge to destroy all his enemies. And he zaps Sharon in revenge with full power (at the same time, Zina activates the temple). But then Blackie, using his one good arm uses his lightsaber as Ernie prepares to strike him, he kicks Ernie off the ledge. Before they find the holocron and Darth Manacore arrives as Zina battles him, and then Selena battles him, and she cuts off some of Manacore's mask, and it shows an eye of Brian. Selena then tells the team to leave as she continues battling Manacore where the temple explodes. As the team fly back home on the Space Duke, Zeñorita and Bomberd build Blackie a new cybernetic arm as Zina is angered for Selena's death. On Koribaan, Ernie escaped, and only Manacore survived.

Ernie returns again in "The Holocrons of Vision" where he meets up with Zina, and they use a holocron. As they see, visions of the Eeveelutions and the Griffins, on Dantooine, before our heroes arrived and Ernie escaped.

Then in "The Lost House", Zina met Ernie again. And he takes her to his old house, where his childhood began. His mother died when he was a senior at High School, and his father is alcoholic and abusive towards Ernie, but not to his wife before she died. And he explained that Solar Flare rescued him when his father pushed him outside and got ready to punch him. And that's when Ernie turned bad, and he returned to his house and killed his father. And then he ran away. Where he later began his empire by creating the Fabrication Machine to build machines to destroy his enemies, and many of his old friends joined alongside with him. Then they attacked Quahog before the dragons came.

In "Master vs. Apprentice",

In "Vengeance and Rage!", Ernie foreseen him in a duel with Dawn Bellwether,

Then in "Return of the Lovers" he is haunted by his memories of his former girlfriend, and several flashbacks play throughout the majority of the episode. And he decides to hunt her down, and even Celaeno does the same thing.

Soon, he appears again in "Chicken vs. Pokémon Part 1", where he grows more insane after landing on Dantooine. Zina suggest they go there, to warn them, but also wants to make them help fight the Nightmare Empire. But the others refused, and Astrid thinks they might not fight since Manacore thinks they don't exist. But despite this, Zina leaves the others to warn them, taking WALL-E with her. When she arrives on Dantooine, and begins searching. Unknown to her, Ernie has arrived too. Where Zina would then go to look for them harder. 


Ernie still has the same cruel personality he had in the previous series, and overtime has gotten more insane than before. And since then, all he wants is to destroy all his enemies (including the villains who betrayed him). As he also seeks to take Zina as his own apprentice.

However, he acts like a coward when a shark chases him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ernie is a male rooster with a yellow body and pale peach legs and feet. But after the Battle of Night Fury Topia. He changed, for now, he has 2 scars near his right eye. a few scars across his chest, and one on his left leg aswell as a limp in it. And his arms was replaced with Cybernetic ones after they were cut off.

Main WeaponryEdit


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