Empress Krone is is an extremely intelligent, ruthless terrorist, and a genetically engineered Alicorn, who is a Dark Force User. (but not a Sith Lord or Dark Jedi). She is described as the most dangerous being in the whole universe by Emperor Rukai, even more so than Bowser, Sauron, Tirek, Darth Sidious, and Ernie combined.

Backstory Edit

Empress Krone was one the second Alicorns to help create Equestria with Emperor Rukai and his Padawan (for he discovered that Krone was very strong with the Force and magic). But unknown to Rukai, she had been studying Dark Force Powers, for she felt that she wasn't being tested for her powers during training. She soon began to become very powerful compared to most Alicorns, as her superhuman like abilities intensified her Force powers. Soon she planned to overthrow all alicorns to take control, but Emperor Rukai engaged her in duel and defeated her, while he wanted her to be Cabornite Frozen for all eternity, the other Alicorns proposed to have her memories blocked and have her go under a new name "Empress Katelyn", but Rukai had bad feeling that she would get her old memories back.

Bio Edit

Empress Krone had lived on for many years later but when she joined a mission that failed, she regained her old memories back, and vowed to make her plans of Universe domination a reality. As she then made one of the helpers for Commander Clone Terro's Clone Army CT 5689 "Sam" into betraying the Republic, by offering a blood transfusion for his lover's terminally-ill daughter. Sam agreed, but Krone poisoned a drink his with Nano-Droids. After his lover's daughter was cured with a vial of Krone's blood, Sam went to work at the main spacecraft hanger where the nano-droids triggered an explosion destroying a fraction of the hanger. Later,

Personality Edit

Krone is an extremely powerful, unpredictable, ruthless and brutal Alicorn who mostly enjoys terrorizing and killing people and destroying everything in her path. Also, as she is confronting and negotiating as, she seems to have a very massive sense of manipulation. Besides being ruthless and powerful, Krone is also an extremely intelligent and brilliant individual who has vast sophistication and wisdom.

Physical Appearance Edit

Empress Krone is a black and dark purple alicorn, with black hair. With a black tail that flows like fire. With dark purple eyes (in the same fashion as Nightmare Moon's) with a black aura that emits from them. As she wears silver armor and a silver tiara.

Main Weaponry Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

Krone possesses incredible physical and mental attributes, making her physically, mentally and intellectually superior to even the most exceptional of Alicorns:

  • Enhanced strength: She possesses superhuman strength, and is capable of crushing a blaster pistol in her hooves and lifting a grown man off the ground with one hoof. Even being able to kill a Clone Trooper by crushing his skull.
  • Enhanced durability: Krone was extremely durable, and could withstand immense amounts of damage with complete ease, shown during her fight with Rukai and Sharon.
  • Superior intellect: Her intelligence is incredibly high, making him the perfect strategist. She possesses a very precise memory - she never forgets a face - and is capable of quickly deducing completely correct conclusions based on little-to-no information.
  • Master strategist: Krone is extremely learned in space combat and strategy, shown widely throughout The Riders into Darkness.
  • Expert combatant: Krone's strength, intelligence and strategic abilities make her an awesome fighter - he uses her brute strength and durability to overwhelm an opponent, but also relies on the overconfidence of his opponents. She only lost her fight with Rukai because of her own arrogance and overconfidence.
  • Force Abilities: Krone is shown to be very strong with the Force, as she knows ever Dark Side Force skill ever made from Force Lightning, Force Fire, and more.
  • Lightsaber Combat: Krone was also known for her high skills in Lightsaber combat, using a mixture of an aggressive Form II, Form IV, Form V, Form VI, and VII.
  • Magic Skills: Due to her superhuman abilities, Krone's magic is intensified to a high level that's higher than the common Alicorn's magic capabilities, as she once took on Tirek years ago in the past and practically destroyed him in battle.

Trivia Edit

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