Dudley Donald Puppy
is a Jedi Knight who survived Order 66 and went into hiding on the Planet: Tatooine along with Kitty Katswell.


It started when Order 66 was issued and the Clone Troopers-turned-Stormtroopers came into Petropolis and attacked. While some Jedi were killed, Kitty and Dudley fought back and killed all of the troopers, they then escaped on their own shuttle and landed on Tatooine where they stayed in exile. Where Kitty found an orphaned dragony named, Hanah Streaker who she found to be Force Sensitive, so she took her in as her padawan. And Dudley would help her with training Hanah.


Then years, Later, with guidance from the Crusaders' old friends, the Riders and their allies came to Tatooine to try and find more Jedi Knights. But during the excursion, Gumdrop and Sugardrop got separated from the team only to be found by some scouting Stormtroopers and chased by them, but then Kitty chased after them on her motorcycle and got the 2 foals to safety as the troopers crashed into a concrete wall. Kitty took the 2 back to her hideout where she revealed her true self, as Dudley introduced himself and they both introduced Hanah. and later the riders came up and meet her. And they agreed to return


Main weaponryEdit

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Fighting Skills:

Force Powers:

Lightsaber Combat:


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