is a dolphin engine and is Willy's cousin.


Years before Willy's family was killed. The dolphins and sharks were at war, the battle was brutal they spend many weeks and days without any sleep. Then the alpha shark knocked Dolphy out, when he woke up he was alone. His wife, Isinia, and the pod were killed. But years later, the dolphins and sharks were friends once more.


After the war, Dolphy traveled the sea for one year  without food. Soon he reached the shoreline and was found by 2 rescuers. And he later became an engine too. Soon Dolphy joined Hiatt Grey's other engines, then became friends with all of them. 


Dolphy is cute and friendly like Willy. But when someone pushes his buttons, he goes into super rage mode. [like Willy]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Main WeaponryEdit



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