Darth Manacore Strikes Back is an upcoming sequel to A New Hope for The Eeveelutions.


After the destruction of the Destruction Moon. Breon and the rest of the gang led a Rebel squadron to Hoth, but after Sylveon visits Breon in spirit he has to go to Middle Earth and learn the ways of the Force from Gandalf. And soon Manacore learns that Breon is his son after hearing it from King Sombra on a hologram. Meanwhile Ace, CrocodogK-2SO, and the rest of the gang try their best to get away from the Nightmare Empire and hide on Bespin.


Opening crawl/attack from the WampaEdit

The film opens from the after math of A New Hope for The Eeveelutions, and Darth Manacore is obsessed finding Breon. So he sends probes far out the galaxy to find him, and one hits on Hoth. And Breon is on a tauntaun and sees a meteorite hitting Hoth, and he contacts Ace Uno that he finished his circle. But then as he starts to set off for the base, his tauntaun goes crazy and they are attacked and ambushed by a Wampa!

At Echo Base/Where's Breon?Edit

Soon, Ace returns to the bases where Crocodog is fixing the Infinity Eagle, and he goes inside and tells the general that Captain Hook can't wait any longer, he'll have a huge bounty on his head. But as he heads out, Astra stops him and tells him that they need him. But Ace tells her that she wants him. But Astra tries to deny this but Ace states it's true. Then, he tells her he can arrange that with a beautiful kiss.

Then we come to the droids and appliances that K-2SO complains of how cold it is, and then Lampy tells Ace that no one knows where Breon is, and Ace asks the deck officer if he's seen him, he tells him he hasn't, and that he might came in the northern entrance. So Ace tells him to check it, and he goes to the Taunting room, and deck officer tells him that Breon hasn't came in the northern entrance, as Ace asks if any speeders are available. But they're still being adapted to the cold. As Ace then decides take one of the Tauntaun to go and find him. Despite the deck officer telling Ace the temperature is dropping and that his mount will die before it hits the first marker, Ace sets off to find Breon.

Escaping from the Wampa's cave/vision of SylevonEdit

Meanwhile, Breon soon awakens only to find himself suspended from the ceiling of an ice cave. He then tries to free himself but his body is too weak for him to reach his legs. Then he notices his Lightsaber sticking out of the snow as he tries to reach for it but both his arms and feelers are too short to reach it. But then Breon uses the Force and the saber then flies into his grip as he cuts himself free. But then the Wampa tries to get him, leading Breon to cut off its arm, as he makes his escape, the snow storm gets worse and Ace is still searching for Breon. And even BB-8 has failed to locate him, and soon Breon collapses from exhaustion. As the Appliances want anxiously for Breon, the deck officer informs them that they must close the shield doors. Despite some protest the doors are closed as Crocodog lets out a howl. As K-2SO informs the team that BB-8 has been known to make mistakes time-to-time. And Breon will be okay as he's a clever Labrodeon.

Meanwhile, as the snowstorm is raging on, Breon is laying in the snow semi-conscious as his thoughts go over his mind as he slowly froze in place. He thought of his friends, he though of the appliances, he thought of his brothers and sisters whom now he may never have the chance to ever meet in person. He also thought about his aunt and uncle, but most of all he thought of his mother he never knew. But then his thoughts of his mother slowly began to become more vivid and clear and then as he weakly opened his eyes, he saw a figure standing in the snow in front of him. And he asks who is she, she never tells him her name, and tells him that he must go to Middle-Earth, and there he'll meet Gandalf, a wise wizard who taught her the Force. Then she fades from view as Ace arrives, and Breon passes out. As Ace comes to him, and his Tauntaun freezes. Which he dragged Breon to the Tauntaun, and uses Breon's lightsaber to cut the Tauntaun's stomach open and he puts him in there, so he can stay warm, and he sets up a shelter and sends a message to help.

The next morningEdit

Soon, snow speeders are out searching for them. And SpongeBob detects them and they pick them up and take them back to base, as Breon is slowly recovering and everyone comes to him to see how he's doing, and Breon thanks Ace, as Ace tells him that's 3 he owes him. Then he tells Astra that his work is done, and that men are better than women, as Astra insults him and Crocodog laughs, and then Astra calls him a "Stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking, Nerf Herder!" and then leaves, and everyone agrees to let Breon be alone. And Breon goes to sleep.

The Nightmare Probe Droid/The Nightmare FleetEdit

Then, the others were reported to the control room, for something. So Ace and Crocodog decided to go check it out, and it appears to be a droid. And then Crocodog growls at it, and it open fires and Ace fires, but activates self-destruct. And Woody confirms it as an Nightmare Probe Droid, and the general orders everyone to prepare evacuation.

Then we come to a large fleet of Star Destroyers, and Manacore sees the fleet. And then he walks by, as some officers do "empire stuff". Then the Inquisitors look at the monitors, and Manacore comes to inspect and confirms they are there, but an officer protests him, but Manacore refuses to listen and tells him to set his coarse to the Hoth system, and tells General Veers to prepare his men.

Preparing of the battle/The Battle of HothEdit

Then, in the base, everyone gets prepared for battle. And then, the Infinity Eagle shows a few sparks, and Ace yells at Crocodog to turn it off. Then a minute later, Breon tells the 2 to take care, and mostly Ace, which he starts to reconsider his decision to leave. As one of the Imperial General informs Manacore of their arrival to Hoth, but Manacore knows that the Rebel fleet is aware of their presence as he tells the General to prepare the troops as he contacts the Admiral and Force Chokes him, claiming he failed him for the last time. As he promotes the Captain to Admiral. And, soon the Imperial Fleet arrives at Hoth as Walkers are deployed. And everyone gets ready for battle, and soon it begins. And, several snow speeders are deployed to take on the walkers, and one is too strong for blasters, then Breon's gunner is shot and killed. As Breon tells Rogue 3 to fire his cable on the walker's legs, which it falls and a Snowspeeder fires at it and explodes. Then, we come back inside the base, and a rebel tells the General that they won't stand much longer, and then K-2 tells BB-8 to take care of Breon and himself, and walks away worried.

Back at the battle, the walkers continue their attack as Breon and another speeder prepare to attack another walker, but the other one gets destroyed, and Breon gets hit and crashes. And he attemits to pull his co-pilot's corpse out but was unable to, the upcoming walker and crushes him.

Escaping from HothEdit

Then Ace comes to the others, and asks if they're alright. And Pheobe asks why's he still here, which Ace replies that he was gonna check on them, and notes that he can't start his ship without the keys. And then a rebel announces that Imperial troops are entering the base, but accidentally drops it and resumes it. And Ace tells them to come with him, and Astra tells the other rebels to get to their transports. As K-2 and the appliances run behind them. Along with 2 other Rebels, then Breon gets under a walker and fires a tow cable on it and pulls himself up, and ignites his lightsaber and throws a grenade in there when it reveals a pilot in the bathroom and he talks to himself of what it was, and then it blows up. Then, the strongest walker aims at the shield generator and fires, and it blows up! The others head down one path but then it gets blocked, so they decided to take the Infinity Eagle, just as Manacore, his Inquisitors, and Snow Troopers enter the base. And the team all hop inside the Infinity Eagle, and Astra states that it'll never get pass the blockade. But Ace assures that he has a few tricks up on her sleeve, and after killing several troopers, they punch it and fly out. And Breon meets up with BB-8 as he gets his own shuttle, a Viper Mark II Shuttle ready for take off and, BB-8 asks Breon why they aren't joining the others, Breon explains they're going to Earth to Middle-Earth. And they fly off.

The chase/landing on PrehistoryEdit

While The Infinity Eagle is being prusuade by other TIE's, and they encounter 2 Star Destroyers, but Ace out mouners them. And then when they prepare to jump into light speed, it failed! So Ace and Crocodog decided to go and fix it, but when they do they get hot by something, and they head back up and it was a ringed planet and Ace confirms it that it's Prehistory, and they fly to it's ring, but K-2 tells him the odd's of successful navigating an asteroid ring is 3000 to 1, but Ace tells him not to tell him the odd's. And after destroying 2 TIE'S, and Sunil screaming from larger asteroid's, one of the surviving soldiers tells him that they'll be pulverize if they stay out here much longer, so Ace decides to fly towards the planet. And soon they come to a large ocean, and then a giant sea monster pops out and crushes the other TIE, while the other one gets hit by it, and crashes into the sea. K-2 admits that this is suicide, but Ace tells him not for long. And they come up to a large island right ahead of them, and then to everyone's surprise the planet's inhabited by dinosaurs! But Astrid explains they're different, and Ace tells her that they're far more ferocious then their Earth cousin's, as he shows some of them. And then Crocodog growls that they're coming up to a abandoned runway, and Ace tells him that's good. And they land on it, and Astra commits they'll be venerable if the Empire sees them, but Crocodog growls and tells her to look up, and an upcoming storm is approaching them. And Ace tells her that the problem's solved.

Arriving at Middle EarthEdit

Back to Breon and BB-8 they arrived at Earth, and detect Middle Earth. Where he then flies in and crash lands in a swamp. (and at this point, the Lord of the Rings theme begins playing). And Breon hops out of his cockpit, BB-8 starts to come out of his port but then he slips and falls off the shuttle and into the murky water. Breon calls for BB-8, but doesn't respond, but after calling him again, BB-8 pops out of the water. As Breon asks him if he's okay but then BB-8 sinks back into the water and Breon calls out for him. After a few seconds, he gets spit out of the water and crashes on the land. And Breon asks him if he's alright, BB-8 confirms yes, and Breon doesn't know what he's doing here, as BB-8 spits some water out.

On Manacore's ship/Breon meets GandalfEdit

Later we see some flashbacks of Brian's life, and the events of The Beginning Adventure, as someone calls to Manacore which reveals he was dreaming. As Manacore steps out from his quarters, and asks the Inquisitors what is it. And Brandy tells him that they're hiding on the Earth-like planet Prehistory, and Katty tells him that the dinosaurs are more dangerous than the ones on Earth. But before she can finish, Manacore tells her that dinosaurs are not his concern, and that he wants them alive, regardless how dangerous the planet is, and they agree.

Later, back on Middle-Earth, Breon his set up a small campsite for himself and BB-8. As tells BB-8 that he feels like he's seen Middle Earth before, and maybe, then a voice came from behind as Breon turns around with his blaster drawn only to see a wizard. As Breon reholsters his Blaster, the wizard asks why's he here, Breon explains he's looking for someone. As the wizard points out he has found someone, since he's looking at him. But Breon explains he's searching for someone important as the wizard guesses he's searching for Gandalf. Breon asks if he knows him, but the wuzard tells him he'll meet him later and makes him and BB-8 come to his hut.

Exploring Prehistory/Manacore's contact with King SombraEdit

Back on Prehistory, K-2 quotes that Ace has gone crazy, and is out of his mind. Yuna quotes what does it it mean, Ace tells her that he's taking a calculated risk and that if he shuts down the whole entire ship, it would restore the hyperdrive. And asks Crocodog if he's correct, Toaster translates that he is, but if they shut down the whole ship, it may not come back on at all. But one of the rebel soldiers ask what if they put the Lysine contingency, Twilight asks what is that, Ace tells her that is out of question, then one of the soldiers explain that Lysine contingency prevents the ship from leaving and that if it does, the crew will slip into a coma and die. Ace tells him that they're dying, and after a moment of silence Ace tells Crocodog to shut down the ship and he does anyway. Then turns it back on, and then it shows that it work, but Cera tells him that the hyperdrive's still off. But Ace tells her in 3 minutes, he could restore the hyperdrive, but Fishlegs claims he head enough staying in the ship, and decides to go out there, and even Pinkie, and one of the rebels decided to go to. But Ace gives them spacesuits to protect themselves from the heavy rain, and Astra goes to the cockpit and Pinkie says she can't see a thing, and Fishlegs tells Astra if she can see them, and Astra says she does. Then, they go out. Then Ace comes to the cockpit and finds Astra, and then after a few seconds of them talking they kissed! Before being interrupted by K-2 as Ace leaves.

Later back to Fishlegs, Pinkie, and the soldier, they find a building. Fishlegs tells Astra that she's seeing this, Astra says she does. And they decided to check it out and noticed some wreckage from the Clone Wars. And they come inside the building, and come to a cloning room, and it reveals that the dinosaurs on the planet were created. Then when Pinkie looks at one of the tubes, she sees one with a raptor head and inspects it, it revels it's real! And the 3 run to a cage room, and they trap the Raptor, but when they run out, the raptor calls for help and they run into a herd of various dinosaurs and caused a stampede as the raptors chase behind them, and they head into the tree's. But then, the Rebel soldier is left behind, and is ambushed and got killed by the raptors!

And they set a trap for Fishlegs and Pinkie, and it Pinkie explains that Ace was right, and that they are intelligent. And then, the raptors hear one of them calling, and they run, as one of them snaps the rebels soldier's neck and runs away. As Fishlegs and Pinkie climb down the tree, and head back to the ship.

Back with Manacore's ship, he tells the Inquisitors to prepare their men once they arrive at Prehistory. Then an officer tells him that King Sombra is making contact with him. And tells him to move the ship out of the planet, to get a better transmission. He then comes to the kee bad. And asks what is his bidding, Sombra tells him there's a great disturbence in the Force. And Manacore felt it, and Sombra tells him it's the young rebel who destroyed the Destruction Moon. And believes he's the offspring of Brian Griffin. But Manacore tells him that's impossible, Sombra expresses him to use his feelings and fear he could destroy then. But Manacore tells him unless he can be turned, and Sombra agrees it's a good plan, and Manacore will tell him that he will join them, or die.

Gandalf reveals himself to BreonEdit

Back at Middle Earth, Breon asks the wizard why they can't see Gandalf now. The wizard tells him to be patient, as Breon sips his soup he asks the wizard how far away is Gandalf, which the wizard tells him that he's not far as he asks him why he seeks to be a Jedi. Which Breon explains it's mostly because of his father. And then the wizard quotes that his father was a powerful Jedi. But, Breon tells him he doesn't know his father, or him, and then complains that they're wasting their time. And then the wizard begins speaking to the afterlife that he has no patience, which he gets a response from a female voice. As the wizard then adds that Breon has much anger in him like his father did, as the female voice then notes that she was no different. As the wizard then adds Breon is not ready, which then Breon realizes the wizard is Gandalf! As Breon then states he is ready, and asks the female voice to tell him he can be a Jedi. As Gandalf then notes that for many years he's trained many Jedi, until the betrayal of Darth Manacore. As he notes Breon is reckless, but the female voice adds she too was reckless. As Gandalf adds Breon is too old. But Breon states he learned so much. Gandalf sighs deeply as he says he will finish teaching him. As Breon claims he won't fail him and he's not afraid. But Gandalf tells him he will be.

THE T-REX!!!!Edit

Back at Prehistory, the Empire lands there and a hologram of Darth Manacore appears and tells them that if the others are on the planet, he wants them. And the commander tells them if they are they will find them, and Manacore tells him to be careful and that they are not to be underestimated and cuts off. Meanwhile, Zoe is in the woods nearby the Infinity Eagle and she spots a dragonfly and when she gets a closer look she notices 2 drops of drool, and we see a large face filled with teeth! Then she runs back to the ship and that there's something out there, and we hear trees crumbling and Ace and Crocodog decides to go out there, and Astra and one of the last of the rebel soldiers go with them. And everyone comes out and watch them go in the woods, and when they talk for a while they hear a loud and mighty roar. And Zina asks the others what was that, and Sunil asks if it's a Carnotaurus, and Blythe states that it wasn't, and sounds bigger. And Astra, Ace, and Crocodog run back to the others, and Crocodog starts the ship, and they run back in. And Cera tells Ace that the Empire's on the planet, but before she can finish Ace tells her to quit being a committee, which Cera yells at him that she's not. And in the cockpit, Astra tells him he can't jump into lightspeed on a ring planet but Ace tells her they're taking off. And when they leave, they see the other Rebel soldier running out wounded. As he yells for Ace to stop, and a large T-Rex comes out of the woods, and grabs him, and Ace and Crocodog pull up and leave the planet as the T-Rex roars in anger.

Breon's training/the cave of evilEdit

Back on Middle Earth, Breon is training up as Gandalf tells him moral lessons about the dangers of the dark side of the Force. That particular lesson is driven home when he is told to enter a cave that is strong with the Dark Side's power. Ignoring Gandalf's counsel to leave his weapons, Breon enters the cavern armed. And then, he sees Darth Manacore and activates his lightsaber as Manacore did too, however when he cut off his head and his mask explodes it revealed to be Breon's face underneath! Which he realizes is a warning that if he battles Manacore with no emotional control, he will become Manacore himself, seduced by the Dark Side.

Hiring Leo/Ace's planEdit

Back on the Star destroyer, Manacore makes contact with the Madalorian Bounty Hunter, Leo. Who arrives and tells Manacore that Captain Hook has hired various bounty hunters to search for Ace Uno, and to bring him back to him to be hanged for betrayal. Which Manacore responded as he sees. Then an Officer informs Manacore that they found them. And indeed they did, a Star Destroyer is chasing them out of the planet's rage and when Ace tries to go to lightspeed, but it didn't work. And then Ace tells Crocodog to turn around, and Dorothy Ann tells him that he's gonna attack them which Ace role plays as her of how she sounds. And he turns around as flies over the Star Destroyer. However, at the last moment, the ship veers off and secretly attaches itself to the rear of the cruiser's command tower, which is not extensively covered by sensors, making it appear to have vanished from the Destroyer's point of view.

Back on Middle Earth/Breon's first failureEdit

Days later, while training, Breon becomes distracted when he finds that his ship has almost completely submerged into the swamp. Breon declares he will never be able to get the ship out, seeing that it is too big for him to extract from the water. But Gandalf tells him it only appears different in his mind's eye. As Breon says he'll try to lift the ship but then Gandalf proclaims: "Not Try. Do or do not, there is no try". And he tries to Force left it up, but then he falls and tells him it's too big. Which Gandalf reminds him that "size doesn't matter" and gives him wisdom about the Force. But Breon claims he can't do it and walks away to sit down and mope. As Gandalf himself uses the Force to lift the ship out of the swamp with success as he sets it down gently on the ground. Which Breon is left dumbfounded and incredulous. As Gandalf then explains that is why he failed.

Back with the Infinity EagleEdit

Back at the Star Star Destroyer, the team wait for the ship to do its standard dump of refuse before jumping, then detach to float away with it. But the Infinity Eagle's hyperdrive needs repairs, so Ace decides to make their way to Cloud City, and there to meet Ace's old friend: Roger Smith. Unfortunately, Leo had deduced the Infinity Eagle's escape method and had his ship jettisoned with the waste to stealthily follow the fugitives.

Breon's visions/Arrival to Cloud City/Meeting Roger SmithEdit

Back on Middle Earth, as Breon is training, Gandalf presents him with a new weapon. An elvish short sword, and then Breon stands on his feelers, as he levitates objects with the Force. While Gandalf reminds Breon of the things the young Jedi will see in his mind, the future, the past, and of friends he recognizes. Breon loses concentration again and has a vision of his friends in danger. And that he also sees a city in the clouds, where the team are on their way there. As he then asks Gandalf if they will die. Gandalf tells him it's hard to see the future, but he shouldn't let the future or his visions bother him. He wants to leave Middle Earth to rescue them, but Gandalf reminds him that if he leaves now, everything his friends fought and suffered for will be destroyed.

Back at the Infinity Eagle, it soon arrives at Cloud City, where they're greeted by Roger Smith. And he asks Ace what he's doing here, as Ace explains the Infinity Eagle is in need of repairs and thought they can help out. Roger then sees Astra and lovely romances at her. As he then shows them around the city. As they tour the city, K2 comes across a shopping good store, and enters inside only to be blasted!

Breon leaves Middle Earth/Manacore's trapEdit

Back on Middle Earth, Breon and BB-8 prepare themselves to leave, but are warned by both Gandalf and the spirit form of Sylveon not to end training so soon for a fight Breon is not ready for. Sylveon declares that should Breon decide to face Manacore, he will have to face him alone without interference. Breon understands this, and his ship takes off from Middle Earth. Gandalf is disappointed, declaring Breon is reckless. Sylveon tells Gandalf "That boy is our last hope",  as Gandalf agrees.

The next day, as the team continue to hang with Roger on Could City, Crocodog then brings in a broken-up K2 to the others after Ace and Astra argue. Then Roger comes over to see if they can join him for a feast. Which the team accept as Roger brings them to the dinning hall, but when the door opens on the other side is none other than Darth Manacore! As Crocodog roars, Ace then draws one of his blasters and opens fire at the Dark lord who merely deflects the blaster bolts with his bare hands before snatching the pistol. As Leo then walks in, joined by the Inquisitors and the troopers. The team then glare at Roger who explains that they were approached by the Nightmare Empire just before the Team's arrival and threatened him and the city unless he cooperated. As Manacore tells them they'd be honored if they joined him, as the team knowing they don't have a choice, comply. But Snoutlout refuses and tries to attack him, only Manacore crushing his fist and slaps him, but when Snoutlout tries again he gets Force chocked and pushed back. Then when Hookfang fires a fire blast at him, Manacore counters it and sends it back to him and injures the dragon. While the others are being transported to be interrogated, a Stormtrooper shows Manacore the broken to bits K-2SO and he examines the droid and a flashback plays showing Brian was a young puppy who was bringing back a droid, but her mother Biscuit had an inetional reaction of him bringing back a damaged droid, and have intentionally downplayed the droid's feelings on purpose, but after Brian tells her of his concerns she allowed him to keep the droid, and to rebuild him. Then he shows a compassion to his men to give K2 back to Crocodog, and then went back to the dark lord to prepare the torture.

Breon arrives at Bespin/Ace torturedEdit

Then, Breon arrives at Bespin as he comes in he senses the others, in deep pain. As he then tells BB-8 they're almost there. Back at the City, Crocodog yells of a very loud sound. Then when the sound stops, he then sets to work trying to fix K2, and he does so. But K2 switches back on he then remembers the Stormtroopers and Death Troopers before they shot him down.

In another room, Ace is strapped to a rack and he gets shocked by a torturing machine. As Manacore informs Leo he can have Ace after he has Breon. As Leo tells him that Ace is no good to him dead, which Manacore explains he will not be permanently damaged, As Roger asks what is to become of the others, which Manacore explains they are not to leave the city. Which Roger snaps saying that handing Ace to Leo and leaving the team in Cloud City wasn't part of their deal. But doesn't say anymore when Manacore asks if he thinks he's being treated unfairly. Then he and Leo leave as Roger proclaims the deal is getting worse. Then Crocodog fixes K2, only for his head to be on backwards! And then Ace is thrown into his cell, as he's covered in bruises, while he has scrapes on his arms and wings. And then Astra is thrown in next, but she isn't as scuffed up and puts Ace on a bed. As Ace notes they didn't even ask him questions. And then the door opens as Roger and 2 Guards step in, who explains that Manacore agreed to turn over the others to him where they can stay with him in the city, but they'll be safe. As Astra then explains that Manacore wants them all dead, but Roger says otherwise as he tells them he's after someone who goes by "Griffin" and Manacore has set a trap for him, as Astra realizes they're the bait. As Ace then confronts Roger face-to-face and scolds him for selling them out like this as he swipes his claws at Roger's face, making a scrape on his left cheek before the guards pummel Ace with their blasters as Crocodog tries to stop them as Roger signals them to stop. And tells them he's doing all he can but he has his own issues to deal with as he and the guards leave. After Astra helps Ace back on the bed she claims he has a good way with words.

In another cell, Zina is going crazy as she's demanding to be let out as she pulls the bars on the door. As Ramon points out they were only in the cell for 4 minutes. And, then the troopers tell them to get out.

The carbon freezing chamber/Ace in carbonite!Edit

Meanwhile, Manacore and his troopers are inside a room where a chamber with pipes and chemical tanks lay with a round pit housed with a hydraulic platform is. Where Manacore then explains it'll will work good enough for freezing Breon so he can bring him to Sombra. The Dark Lord uses the opportunity for Leo to deliver Ace to Captain (to whom Ace owed a debt) by testing the device on Ace himself. As the troopers bring in the team, as Crocodog resists the stormtroopers, but Ace restrains him, saving his strength for another time. And he and Astra share a passionate kiss, before being in the spot to be carbonated, and Astra tells him she loves her as Ace knows and gets frozen! As Zina then taps on it, to try and see if he can hear her, but no reply as she claims they killed him. But Roger assures her that Ace is just in a state of suspended animation. As Manacore then hands Ace over to Leo as Zina tries to stop him, only to be smacked down. Then the Imperial commanders informs Manacore that Breon's starfighter has arrived on Bespin. The Dark Lord orders Roger to take the team to his Star Destroyer, reneging on the deal he made with him. However, the Cloud City administrator has other plans.

Breon vs. Darth Manacore: Round 1Edit

Then it goes to Breon and BB-8, who then land safely on a landing deck as the 2 then head inside the place, where Breon sees Leo taking the now-frozen Ace back to his ship. He attempts to follow but is thwarted when the bounty hunter notices and opens fire. Breon narrowly escapes and runs down farther into the corridor. And our heroes noticed him, before Astra yells at him that it's a trap before being dragged away. Breon runs after his captured friends, hoping to save them, but wanders into the carbon-freezing chamber. Then as he looks around he then notices a blue glow, as he then slowly drew the Elvish sword, as the blade glowed blue, as Breon realized that there was a Dark lord present, and then out from the shadows, Manacore makes himself present. As the 2 draw and ignite their sabers and begin to duel.

Escaping from Cloud City/Back with the duelEdit

Then, it goes back with the others where Cloud City security helps them escape from the Imperials, setting Roger and company free. Crocodog turns against Roger for betraying Ace and chokes him, but he manages to tell the Diamond Dog there's still a chance to rescue Ace at the East Platform. And they hurry there, only to encounter BB-8, but when they arrive, it's too late! Then engage in a fierce battle with stormtroopers and Deathtroopers. Breon and Manacore continue their lightsaber battle in the bowels of Cloud City, just nearly freezing Breon in the carbon freezing chamber. As Manacore tells him only his anger to beat him, but Breon stands his ground as he then shoves down Manacore and then meets back with him in a hallway as Manacore uses the Force to throw objects at him trying to throw him off, eventually thrusting Breon through a window and landing on one of the emergency platforms.

As the gunfight continues, Roger orders an evacuation of Cloud City, then the company manages to find their last hope of escape...the Infinity Eagle.

In the final phase of the lightsaber duel, Manacore manages to destroy the Lightsaber Breon is grasping which then falls into an abyss. As Manacore then tells Breon to join him and together they can rule the galaxy, but Breon refuses to join his side. Then Manacore reveals to Breon the truth: about his father:

Darth Manacore: "The Riders never told you what happened to your father. Did they?"
Breon: "I already know! They told me you're responsible! You killed my father!"
Darth Manacore: "No Breon, I am your father."

A horrified Breon screams in denial. Manacore attempts to persuade Breon to join him and embrace the Dark Side to defeat the Nightmares. However, Breon chooses suicide over being corrupted and throws himself down a deep shaft.

But by luck, Breon is sucked into an air vent, exits the underbelly of the city and catches an antenna beneath Cloud City. But when he tries to get back up, it closes underneath him. He then nearly slips off but is able to grab on with his feelers. Facing clear death, Breon calls out to Riders in vain but then he realizes only they can save him as he then uses the Force to send out a distress which Zina then senses. And tells the others where he is, as the Eagle flies back to the city. Using an escape hatch, Connie manages to catch Breon (as He slides down her neck) and rescue him before the wounded Jedi falls helplessly to the planet as TIEs race toward them. The Eagle finally leaves Bespin's gravitational field and is about to escape into hyperspace when the hyperdrive system again fails. Which at this point, Penny Ling snaps and starts going crazy, as she kicks Roger in the groin. And then starts slamming the controls, as she yells at them to work.

Manacore asks for confirmation that the Infinity Eagle's hyperdrive system was deactivated to prevent their escape, then orders weapons be set to stun. And then, Breon and Manacore felt each other with the Force, as Breon asks himself why didn't Yuna tell her. As Crocodog is fixing the hyperdrive, BB-8 rolls over and he activates it and they jump into hyperspace! Manacore is disappointed and retreats to his secret quarters in his Star Destroyer, ignoring the Admiral's failure.

Sylveon explains the truth of Manacore & herselfEdit

As Breon is still in his bed, he wonders why didn't Yuna and the others have told him. Then Sylveon appears, and explains that the truth about Manacore, and herself and reveals to be his mother. And that he was once Brian Griffin, and was once a brilliant Jedi, but he fell into the Darkside after being jealous over the rider's, and that he put herself in a coma. And that what they told them was true, but from a certain point of view and she disappears as Breon weeps silently.

With the Rebel Fleet/"I Thought I Lost You"Edit

Later, we see Breon being recovered at a medical ship after reuniting with the alliance. And that he tells Roger they'll meet them up on Raxus, and tells them to let the Force be with them as Crocodog growls. And they all look out the window, as they fly away and the credits roll.




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