Darth Manacore Strikes Back is an upcoming sequel to A New Hope for The Eeveelutions.


After the destruction of the Destruction Moon. Breon and the rest of the gang led a Rebel squadron to Hoth, but after Sylveon visits Breon in spirit he has to go to Middle Earth and learn the ways of the Force from Gandalf. And soon Manacore learns that Breon is his son after hearing it from King Sombra on a hologram. Meanwhile Ace, CrocodogK-2SO, and the rest of the gang try their best to get away from the Nightmare Empire and hide on Bespin.


Opening crawl/attack from the WampaEdit

At Echo Base/Where's Breon?Edit

Escaping from the Wampa's cave/vision of SylevonEdit

The next morningEdit

The Nightmare Probe Droid/The Nightmare FleetEdit

Preparing of the battle/The Battle of HothEdit

Escaping from HothEdit

The chase/landing on PrehistoryEdit

Arriving at Middle EarthEdit

Back on Prehistory/Breon meets GandalfEdit

Exploring Prehistory/Manacore's contact with King SombraEdit

Gandalf reveals himself to BreonEdit

THE T-REX!!!!Edit

Breon's training/the cave of evilEdit

Hiring Leo/Ace's planEdit

Back on Middle Earth/Breon's first failureEdit

Back with the Infinity EagleEdit

Breon's visions/Arrival to Cloud City/Meeting the Sailor ScoutsEdit

Breon leaves Middle Earth/Manacore's trapEdit

Breon arrives at Bespin/Ace torturedEdit

The carbon freezing chamber/Ace in carbonite!Edit

Breon vs. Darth Manacore: Round 1Edit

Escaping from Cloud City/Back with the duelEdit

Sylveon explains the truth of Manacore & herselfEdit

With the Rebel Fleet/"I Thought I Lost You"Edit




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  2. I Thought I Lost You (for the end credits)

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