Daphne blake bikini vector by hiattgrey411 darleng by hiattgrey411-dawmacb
Daphne Blake is a young Sith and is Darth Manacore's second apprentice.


During her Jedi years after her retirement in the Mystery Gang, Daphne was once a Jedi Temple Guard. But when Order 77 came down, she escape the Temple massacre and she decided to let go of her Jedi past and join the Dark Side to become Darth Manacore's new apprentice, and to hunt down remaining Jedi.


Now, under Manacore's wing, Daphne is often sent to hunt down Jedi that could be threats to the Nightmare Empire.


Main weaponryEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Daphne is an attractive teenage human girl, with red hair. With a pink flower on it, and where's a purple bikini with pink flowers on it.



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