is a female hippogriff who was once the Sith apprentice, but she then turned to Jedi when she learned her old master planned to replace her.

Backstory Edit

When Crippin was young, a Sith Lord came to her hometown and discovered she was Force Sensitive and took her in as his Apprentice. Then for 5 years, he trained her in many form os being a Sith, however she was prone to often not do everything as correctly, which resulted her in being badly punished, from being shocked with Force Lightning, or being put into a pit of coal, with mud deeped onto her. Slowly, she began to dislike the Sith. And then she learned her Master intended to replace her (not just for her coutless mistakes, but in fear she would overthrow her), in which she deicided to escape. So then using some skills she learned from her close friends in her home town, she managed to escape. (However, after discovering her escape, her old Master put a bounty of 10,000 credits on her head). After a long journey, Crippin collapsed in a desert, when a Republic Griffon Ship found her, and took her back to the temple in their town. And after explaining her story to the Council amongst the temple, they decided to let her train to be a Jedi and she was put under the watchful eye of Astra.

And shortly after being accepted as a Jedi, Crippin constructed herself a white bladed Lightsaber to have it represent her change from the Dark Side to the Light Side. And with Astra's training, she soon became a Jedi Knight. But on some occansions, she used some Dark Side skills she possed, even Force Lightning. While The Griffon Jedi were known for using other mella weapons and physical combat in their training, the council warned Crippin to be warey of how she used her old Force Skills, or she would turn back to the Dark Side. But no matter how many times she would use her old skills, she would not turn. She was evertually put as top-ranked Jedi, but wasn't made a Master. (but Crippin didn't care, for she had already redeemed herself of being a Sith) And at many occassions, many bounty hunters tried to apprehand her, but Crippin beat them all. Then when Order 66 was dispatched, the Clone Troopers tried to kill all Griffon Jedi, but Crippin lead an attack team and they killed all Clones that tried to kill them. However, shortly afterwards, The Inquistors were dispatched to kill them, and while they killed several of the Griffon Jedi, But Crippin (along with Astra, Ramon, and Zina) had escaped, and they went into hiding. However, Bountry Hunters still kept hunting her, despite the fact that her old Master was killed.

Bio Edit

Now, Crippin along with the rest of The Griffon Platoon, have fought against many of the Empire and Stormtrooper armies, intending to avenge the Griffon Jedi that were killed in Order 66. Then one day, when the Riders came to a deep forest to investigate a mysterious attack in a local village, The Griffon Platoon followed behind in the trees. And then when the Riders were incapacitated by an army of Stormtroopers, the Griffon Platoon jumped in and killed all Troopers. And after learning of the Riders' plan to prevent an event like Order 66 from happening again, they joined them. But Crippin still continued to have PTSD suffering.

Personality Edit

Criipin was at first very cocky, and quite self-centered. And when she was first taken in as a Sith Apprentice, she soon became quite short-tempered and had many anger rages. But when she was poorly treated by her old Master, she bgan to get quite fearful and suffered in pain. And then when she learned of her Master's plan to replace her, she got some courage to escape for her own safety. Then after joining the Jedi, she learned to control her anger completely. But because of the cruel punishments from her old Master, Crippin began suffering PTSD, in which would cause to break out in rage at times. But all in all, Crippin is quite selfless, and is willing to oput her life in front of others. And because of how her old Master treated her, she has grown a deep hatred for all Sith.

Appearance Edit

Crippin a a Hippogrif with a Blue-grey eagle body, with dark blue-gray wings. While her horse body is black. And she has deep, dark purple eyes.

Main Weaponry Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit


Lightsaber Combat: Cripin is very skilled in Lightsaber combat using Form V when she was with the Sith in a reverse grip fashion. But then after she turned to the Jedi, she constructed a second Lightsaber and began performing Jar'Kai style combat and even learned Form VII.

Force powers: Due to being a former Sith apprentice, Cripin knows some Dark Side Force tricks, and she can even perform Force Lightning. But she only uses Dark Force tricks if really necessary. And she hasn't turned back to the complete Dark Side since then.

Axe Combat: Before she became a Sith apprentice, Crippin was a skilled axesmen. Wielding 2 custom forged hatchets be ale to block shots with them and she would sometimes throw them, and used the Force to guide them. she can also chop through a thick pine tree in 20 seconds flat. And when her revolvers ran out of ammo, she would use the blades on the barrels to fight her enemies upclose.

Physical Combat: Long before becoming a Sith Apprentice, Crippin attened many physical combat classes and training. Which she became very skilled in physical combat. As she once beat up an entire platoon of Stormtroopers using only her bare claws, hooves, and her custom hatchets. And after some training with the Force, Crippin soon adapted it into her physical combat, and she is able to destroy droids and manchines with her bare claws.

Blacksmith Skills: Eversince, she was 10, Crippin had taken a liking to blacksmithing. And with some teaching from her Father and Grandpa, she became skilled in Blcksmithing, and proved her skills be forging herself 2 custom battle hatchets.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though Cripin is now a Jedi, she still occasionally uses Dark Side Force tricks (including Force Lighting)
  • Cripin makes her appearance in

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