Connie's lightsaber

Connie's Lightsaber is a double-ended, curved Lightsaber wielded by Connie.

Specifications Edit

Connie's Lightsaber was originally built from 2 separate curved-hilted Lightsabers where one end emitted a yellow blade while the other emitted a brown blade. The activation stud on this Lightsaber was concealed. Plus during a duel with Ernie, Connie discovered a green button on the middle of her saber, so when pressed the 2 sides would separate.

Bio Edit

Green Bills gave Connie this Lightsaber to keep as her own, but Connie kept it in the case due to her not being able to find a Jedi Knight who could train her. But then Yuna

Connie first used this Lightsaber in

Connie then used her Lightsaber in a duel against Nightmare Moon and King Sombra

Then when Connie visited the Spirit world to talk to the past Jedi, the Jedi Council explained that her Lightsaber belonged to her Grandfather: "Banker Bills" and then Banker Bills himself appeared and explains about how he used to be a royal guard for Equinelantis, and then after Ernie shot Queen Starshine he dueled the evil rooster with the same Lightsaber but was critically injured. While he was in the hospital, he asked Green Bills to past down his saber to Connie when she was born, and Green Bills gave his word as Banker Bills shortly died. The Jedi Council then told Connie to return to help Yuna fight for Night Fury Topia, but before she left the Spirit World, Banker tells her that there's a little secret about the Lightsaber. Then when Connie duels against Ernie, and gets stuck in a mid clash, she finds a small green button on the middle of the saber and when pressed the 2 sides separate! After discovering the new ability, Connie was able to defeat Ernie in battle, which earned herself of being Knighted as Jedi Knight.

Then she began to learn how to use Jar'Kai in her combat forms, which came in handy when she was in a duel with

Trivia Edit

  • According to Yoda, this Lightsaber was once owned by Connie's grandfather: "Banker Bills"

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