Claw and Order is the 3rd episode of season 4.

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There has been a murdering at the Jedi Temple! And it would seem Hanah is the culprit. However, Blackie (as well as Kitty and Dudley, a few others) refuse to believe it. So, The Royals grant them a chance to further investigate the matter and find the real culprit.

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Trivia Edit

  • This episode is based off the Back at the Barnyard Episode: "Foul Play" with a mixture of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode: "The Wrong Jedi".
  • When the time cards are shown, the sound of Lightsabers igniting will be heard in the background.

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  1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Duel in the Jedi Temple (when Kitty duels Brandy)