Ceranel Rangereen
Cerainel "Cera" Rangereen
is a kind centauress who becomes an ally to the Daring Dragon Riders.


Cera was wandering Equestria seeking a new adventure and a new life after leaving her old home, when she noticed Sunlight, The Pie twins, Peachy Heart, Thompson Colt, and Joe Joey in a scuffle with Timberwolves, in which she jumped in and shot them all down, when the rest of the Riders arrived, they were surprised to see Cera, but their dragons were cautionary near her thinking she was an evil, phsycopathic, power-hungry barbarian like Tirek. But Cera assured them that she wasn't anything like Tirek, nor were other Centaurs from her home. Impressed by this, the Riders brought her to Canterlot where she spoke to the Jedi Council and the Royals, telling them about her home island, but to their surprise, she didn't remeber where exactly from old home where she came from. And she couldn't even remeber her own family. As she then explained she left her home seeking some new adventure, but she kept a low profile (due to many of the equines in Equestria being edgey about Centaurs, all because of the times Tirek tried to take over Equestria). This shocks everyone in the main council meeting room as Cera then explains that ever since Tirek's attacks on Equestria, her kind has been looked upon darkly. And since then every centaur in her home no longer considered Tirek a true Centaur, since he gave all the real ones a bad name. As Cera then also explains that's she's even wanted to get revenge on Tirek for disgracing her kind. But when her kind heard about his death, they all were glad to be rid of the monkey horse, but Cera still intended to return her kind's honor and dignitiy. As she then went on to explains how Centuars in her home differed from others. For they had unique guidelines to follow, like several Centaurs were to be trained in heavy combat skills Either with swashbuckling or gun fighting. And even physical fighting. cera then goes on to explain that unlike Tirek real Centuars always have true natural strength (as she lifts up her shirt to show a well toned six-pack on her abdoman to prove it). And true Centaurs cannot conjure magic nor steal it. the council then ask Cera to show them some of her skills, as they take her to many of the training areas where she shows her gun marksmanship, physical fighting, and Swordsmanship. (where she even shows to own an energy swor dlike Ivan "IQ"'s own) Then later, when there was news of a Stormtrooper attack on one of the smaller towns, Cera voluenteered to go take care of it, where the Council accepted her request, as they gave her a lift in a shuttle where she fought all the Stormtroopers, beating them all (even saving some young foals in the process). As a reward for her act, Cera was granted a spot in the council for training. (so they could teach her how to weild her energy sword better) And all the other equines began seeing a new light for Cera.

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Cera is is quite kind to any friend she makes and is selfless and she will put others before herself. Cera is also willing to accept any challenge she is given, wether it would be fighting in battles or just providing simple help. She has a deep dislike for any who tries to overthrow royalty (as she herself is a Princess). And she just wants to prove that all Centaurs can be good beings as well.


Cera is a typical centaurette. Her upper body is human-like that's colored Cerulean with navy blue hair, with blue, cyan, and sky blue stripes in it. Her eyes are purple. And she wears a dark purple tank top. While her lower body is light blue with a navy blue tail. When in battles, Cera wears silver armor with a silver helmet.


Marksmanship: Cera is a highly skilled gun fighter. Being able to hit the target with any one of her firearms and she can dual-wield her pistols with high accuracy

Running: due to having a horse's body, Cera can run up to speeds of 45mph and is able to run for a long distance without tiring out.

Strength: Cera has shown to have a ton of strength within herself. As she has shown to have six-pack abs on her abdoman. And she able to life up a train car like it's nothing, and she can even pick up locomotives. One example of her true strength is shown when she fought Tirek once, being able to hit Tirek so hard it leaves a deep bruise where she hit, and she can pick him up by his beard, tail, and nose ring and spin him around with ease. And she can also carry heavy things on her back, even being able to pull heavy loads. And she is strong enough to use a hand-held .50 cal minigun easily.

Physical Fighting: In her younger years, Cera was trained in Physical Combat, and she continues to be skilled in this skill. As she can easily fight another being with martial art skills and block shots thrown at her and knows where to strike in the opponite to use their own body as their weakness.

Sword/Lightsaber Combat: Cera is a very skilled sword fighter. As she can stand her ground against other swordsmen. then when training with the Jedi, Cera is able to perform Lightsaber combat Form II: MakashiForm III: Soresu, and Form IV: Ataru and in most cases she'll use Jar'kai in her fighting style when she has to.

Force Skills: After getting in true touch with the Force, Cera can perform telekinesis to push or levitate objects, or to crush them. She would also use the Force to augment her natural leaping ability. Her ability to use the Force push technique was exceptional. She was trained in the use of the mind trick, making use of it whenever she wanted to avoid any physical confrontation.

Main WeaponryEdit

  • Hand Held General Dynamic GAU-19/A
  • Barret M107 sniper Rifle
  • AA-12 shotgun
  • M203 grenade launcher (standalone)
  • 2 modifiefd AMT Hardballier Longslide Pistols
  • Energy Sword
  • The Centaur Claymore Saber



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