Centaurette vs. Monkey Horse is an epic movie of the series.

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It's nearing The Midnight Starlight Ball, and everyone is getting ready for the amazing event. As well as Cera, as it's her first real ball she's attended. However, an old enemy the Riders hoped they would never ever see again has returned! And he wants to challenge Cera to a Death battle. Cera wants nothing to do with it, but when Sunlight's life is threatened, she has no choice but to accept the challenge. So Scartooth and Peterson give her some pointers for fighting, and prepare Cera for a battle against TIREK!!

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  • This is the only time Tirek appears in Dragon Quest Adventures
  • , , , guest star in this film.

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  1. Pokémon: Jirachi Wish Maker - Avant ~ Groudon's Theme (during the post-credit scene)