This is where the celebration of the Destruction of the Destruction Moon/ Breon and Ace's rewarading ceremony takes place and how the film ends in A New Hope for The Eeveelutions.

(In the hanger. everyone comes to Breon celebrating)

Yuna: You did it Breon! You did it!

(The then all give Breon a group hug as the pets then join in too)

Breon: I did it, I did it!

(The appliances then share a hug with Breon)

Toaster: We never lost faith in you, buddy!

Breon: Aw, stop!

Ace Uno: Hey! (Races over)

[He and Breon then give an embrace for each other]

Breon: I knew you'd come back!

Ace Uno: Aw come on, I wasn't gonna let you take all the credit!

Astra: I knew you had more interests than money.

[then a small robot lifts out a badly damaged BB-8]

K-2SO: BB-8! Buddy! Speak to me, speak to me!

[No reply]

K-2SO: You can repair him, can't you? If any of my curcuits are needed I'll gladly donate them!

Trooper: We'll see what we can do.

[It sideswipes to the next day, and we see everyone in the main throne room as Breon, Ace, and Crocodog then come in]

Guards: Present arms!

[all the guard then point their rifle barrels up as Breon, Ace, And Crocodog then come walking down the asle where the team, the appliances, K-2SO and a fixed up BB-8 and the royals are standing. Then Esmeralda gives them medals of honor, and they all turn to the audience and clap. As the film ends]

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