This is where the celebration of the Destruction of the Destruction Moon/ Breon and Ace's rewarading ceremony takes place and how the film ends in A New Hope for The Eeveelutions.

(In the hanger. everyone comes to Breon celebrating)

Yuna: You did it Breon! You did it!

(The then all give Breon a group hug as the pets then join in too)

Breon: I did it, I did it!

(The appliances then share a hug with Breon)

Toaster: We never lost faith in you, buddy!

Breon: Aw, stop!

Ace Uno: Hey! (Races over)

[He and Breon then give an embrace for each other]

Breon: I knew you'd come back!

Ace Uno: Aw come on, I wasn't gonna let you take all the credit!

Astra: I knew you had more interests than money.

[then a small robot lifts out a badly damaged BB-8]

K-2SO: BB-8! Buddy! Speak to me, speak to me!

[No reply]

K-2SO: You can repair him, can't you? If any of my curcuits are needed I'll gladly donate them!

Trooper: We'll see what we can do.

[It sideswipes to the next day, and we see everyone in the main throne room as Breon, Ace, and Crocodog then come in]

Guards: Present arms!

[all the guard then point their rifle barrels up as Breon, Ace, And Crocodog then come walking down the asle where the team, the appliances, K-2SO and a fixed up BB-8 and the royals are standing. Then Esmeralda gives them medals of honor, and they all turn to the audience and clap. As the film ends with "May it Be" playing in the background]