Cazidy is a Tigle (crossbreed: half tiger, half eagle) who joins our heroes after helping them find Ember.

Bio Edit

Cazidy was on Tatooine when our heroes were there searching for Jedi Knights who survived Order 66, and over heard their conversation. She then revealed herself and shared she was friends with a Jedi Master and could lead them to where she was. Then when they meet up with Ember, the Changling Order attacked and Cazidy put on a tough battle against them, which bought our heroes time to escape and she jumped our their shuttle while her own ship was destroyed. She later joined their teams and helped out with creating The Grand Clone Army.

Personality Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Main weaponry Edit

  • Cetme Ameli machine gun
  • MAC-11 machine pistols
  • Kimber Warrior M1911 pistol
  • Machete

Trivia Edit

  • Cazidy makes her appearance in The Beginning Adventure II: The New Threat

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