Here's how Brian dream goes in The Beginning Adventure.

[then later we see Sylveon in pain, screaming for Brian's help as we hear a baby crying in the background. Brian wakes up revealing it was only a dream]

Brian: (panting as he looks to Sylveon, still sleeping as he then gets out of bed and walks out)

Sylveon: [wakes up]

Brian: [walks downstairs and takes a seat on the couch]

Sylveon: What's wrong?

Brian: Nothing.

Sylveon: It doesn't sound like nothing to me.

Brian: (sighs) Okay. I had a dream. You were in deep pain in it.

Sylveon: And?

Brian: You died in childbirth.

Sylveon: The baby?

Brian: I don't know.

Sylveon: It was only a dream.

Brian: I'm not letting this one come real.

Sylveon: This cub will change our lives, and if the others find out we'll be expelled....

Brian: I know, I know.

Sylveon: You think.... Yuna, or Hiccup could help us?

Brian: No. We don't need their help.

Sylveon: Well, what about Zecora? She might be ablessed to help.

Brian: Alright, I'll talk to Zecora first thing in the morning. Besides, our cub is a blessing.