Breon's First Lightsaber

Breon's First Lightsaber is a Dual-Phased Lightsaber created by Breon shortly after losing his Father's own saber in his duel with his father on Cloud City.

Specifications Edit

Rather than imitate his father's hilt design, as was customary, Breon instead created a solid, heavy-duty hilt that favored maximum strength.[5] The dual-phase weapon featured a solid casing, ridged handgrip, forward mounted adjustment knobs and a beveled emitter shroud as well as a "throttle-style" activator. Breon then added a green and blue crystal to this saber given it a Green/Blue dual-phased blade.

Bio Edit

Breon first constructed this Lightsaber after his duel with his Father on Clould City where he began to practice more Lightsaber Combat. Eventually building himself a second Lightsaber to help him train in Jar'Kai.

Breon would first use this saber in

Trivia Edit

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