is Brian Griffin and Sylveon's half-breed son (a Labrodeon) that was born shortly before Sylveon fell into her coma. Where he was sent to live with the Eeveelutions' Uncle Comet and Aunt Grassy Greens. His main goal is to bring back his father and mother, as well as his siblings so they can be family again and his love interest is Dawn.

He also owns a Private Viper Mark II Spaceship.


Breon was born shortly before Sylveon fell into her coma, and in order to prevent Darth Manacore from learning of his existence, the team sent him to Comet and Grassy Greens' home on Tatooine. Where he grew up, but as he did, he longed to leave Tatooine and follow a different life.


Then one day, when Comet purchased 2 droids from Tuskegee Raiders, Breon's adventure was soon to begin, as he then gave the 2 droids a cleaning and tune up he inadvertently activated a hologram on BB-8. But BB-8 tricked him into turning it off, (because he refused to share it with Breon). As Breon then talks to Grassy and Comet about BB-8. And then later talks to his friends, Toaster, Blanky, Lampy, Radio, and Kirby about his feelings and later he breaks into song about how he wishes to live in a different life out in the galaxy.

Then when he went back into the farmhouse he didn't see K2 or BB-8 as he then took out a droid caller and turned it on, as K2 popped out from hiding.

Then in "Darth Manacore Strikes Back"

Then after that Breon goes to consruct a new Lightsaber for himself.

Afterwards, in "Breon's Grand Search for Ace Uno", Breon's decides to go on quest to find Ace, as the majority of the team join him. As the journey begins, Breon then constructs another Lightsaber 

Then in "Breon and the Force Sensitive Teenager", Breon, the Riders, and the appliances discover that various Disney animal characters are at his summer house and after getting word they were forced to go there by Prince John. And Breon and the appliances sent out to find him, but once they do, they're sent to rescue a girl name Dawn from a Bull Rancor. But soon they did, but on their way back the appliances discover that she's Force Sensitive! And later when Breon gets Prince John to take and marry her, he disbands the riders and his friends and returns home. But soon they apologize and return to Prince John's kingdom with help from the Bull Rancor, and soon after Breon explains the truth and Dawn shows him she's born with the Force, John orders his Rhino guards to kill them. But Bull Rancor breaks in and eats Prince John! And Breon tells Dawn, he has a crush on her, and Dawn explains she does too. And she decides to stay with him and the appliances, and the appliances decided to keep the Bull Rancor.

And then in the final battle, Snoutlout doubts he can save his father, which in result Breon punches him in the face and tells him to "shut up" and tells them there's good in him but there just too stubborn to see it. And he goes to see Gandalf, but dies due to his old age, and that he can't kill Manacore but Sylveon tells him that evil has one, and were there only one. And back on the base, Snoutlout apologizes for what he said, and the team note that Breon is right that they are right for being too stubborn to see that there's good in Manacore. And before Breon goes to face his father, he tells Dawn that Manacore is his father. Which surprises Dawn, and Breon tells her, he'll endanger the fleet if he stays, but Breon tells her that there's good in him, but Dawn tells him to live far away from the others. But Breon can't do that, because Manacore will only chase him no matter what.


In his youth, Breon was often impatient, looking ahead to the future with little regard for his present surroundings. Like his father, he was impulsive, reckless, and often had little regard for his own personal safety. Some time after the Battle of Naboo, he would confer with The Riders that he regretted his behavior before then, acknowledging he complained "about everything" because of his desire to escape from Tatooine. He also acknowledged his scarce talent at lying, a trait that many people could infer.

However, as his skills in the Force progressed and, especially after losing his lightsaber to Darth Manacore, Breon became more patient and seasoned, and was often seen as having wisdom beyond his years. However, he still retained his idealistic viewpoint, willing to think the best of anyone, and believing that Manacore was redeemable. He was also unable to ignore those who needed help, sometimes to the point of endangering missions for the sake of saving someone else's life, as his father would throughout the Clone Equine and Dragon Wars. Even as a child, he had a strong sense of morality and a need to help others despite likely danger.

Psychical AppearanceEdit

Breon is a cross-breed of a Labrador and Sylveon (a Labrodeon), where he has the body of a dog, but the paws, tail, ears, and 2 feelers of a sylveon. Breon's body is white, while his paws, tail, ears, and the end of his fellers are light blue. And he has light blue eyes. And he wears a light blue bandana.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Psychic powers: Like his Mother, Breon posses psychic powers, however, he never get in touch with them until he first uses them againts Manacore on his duel on Cloud City.

Lightsaber combat: Though Breon received little training, he became an exceptionally skilled Jedi in combat, making him one of the most powerful Jedi to ever live. Without a master, it was his natural and unparalleled aptitude that contributed in the impossible advancement of his skills. On Bespin, Breon revealed that he was an extraordinarily gifted duelist after only one brief session with The Daring Dragon Riders, and later, Gandalf.

On board the Termination Moon, Breon mirrored Darth Manacore's own Form V technique and responded with his own furious demonstration of Form V's raw power. Breon's use of Form V is probably as much instinctive as trained, leaving observing swordsmen, such as King Sombra and Nightmare Moon, astonished at such instantaneous learning in a lightsaber duel. Ultimately, Breon was able to duel Manacore on an even footing, and defeated the experienced Dark Lord. However, Breon's particular form of lightsaber combat may in the end be something entirely new, with traces of Form III, Form IV, Form V, and Form VI mixed together with his own techniques in a Jar'Kai style.

And Following his mother's footsteps, Breon utilized Jar'Kai style Lightsaber combat shortly after constructing his new Lightsabers to replace the one he lost with his duel with Manacore on Bespin,

Force Skills: Breon was skilled in a great number of Force powers, giving him the Force potential to be a true Jedi Master in the New Republic.

Breon's first conscious use of the Force was to locate a lost screwdriver under a couch, when he was only 6 years old. During the Battle of The Destruction Moon, Breon managed to destroy the Destruction Moon by letting the Force tell him when to fire his proton torpedoes, while traveling at very high speeds, not knowing the distance to the port, and having no previous knowledge of proton torpedoes and their capabilities. Astonishingly, Breon only had little training with the Force at the time.

After learning the basics of the Force, he quickly learned how to sense through it[1], and took the habit of opening himself to the Force in hopes of learning more than The Riders had told him, and becoming aware of his surroundings. In time, he would also learn to sense the presence of his father. He was capable of seeing and hearing those who had become one with the Force.

Under Gandalf's training, this ability was further developed, enabling him to levitate several objects at once through while meditating. Breon eventually learned other uses, such as choking enemies and doing mind tricks, as well as performing Force-enhanced jumps. He also demonstrated the ability to have visions several times.

Only a short time after being given a lightsaber by Hiccup, Breon was able to instinctively block several blaster bolts fired in rapid succession by a remote, despite his lack of prolonged formal training. Without any guidance, Breon successfully built his first lightsaber, merely a few months after he was first introduced to the Force, and undergoing formal training for less than a year. Further testament to this was shown when Breon was able to successfully Mind trick a Stormtrooper into disregarding his concealed lightsabers, roughly two months after he had first seen Astrid perform it.

Marksmanship: Breon also displays high skill in marksmanship when using firearms and blasters, and even is able to master dual-wielding gun fire

Swordsman Combat: Following his father's footsteps, Breon also learned regular sword combat, mostly after being given an Elvish short sword by Gandalf. Whereas he would take sword fighting lessons from Shema (whom herself was a very skilled sword fighter). Breon's skill in sword fighting came into play when he dueled Captain Hook while on a rescue mission. And he was able to out best the crime lord pirate, disarming him and sending him to his death to Tick Tock the crocodile

Master Pilot: Like his father, Breon was an expert pilot, being the person who was responsible for destroying the Destruction Moon and managing to evade Darth Manacore himself (albeit with help from Ace Uno).

Main WeaponryEdit