This is how the Battle of the Destruction Moon goes in A New Hope for The Eeveelutions

[We cut to the others in the command center]

PA: Attention, the Destruction Moon will be in range in 30 minutes.

[Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - "Battle of Yavin" begins playing]

[The X-Wings are now flying out in space as we see the Destruction Moon ahead]

Lead fighter pilot: All wings report in.

Pilot #1: Blue 6, standing by.

Pilot #2: Blue 7, standing by.

Pilot #3: Blue 3, standing by.

Pilot #4: Blue 5, standing by.

Pilot #5: Blue 2, standing by.

Breon: Blue 8, Standing by.

BB-8: [beeps and whistles]

Lead fighter pilot: Lock airfoils in attack position.

[all the X-Wings open their wings in attack formation]

Pilot: We're passing throught the magnetic field. Hold tight!

Lead Pilot: [on radio] Put your front deflectors on doulbe front!

[the X-wings then fly above the station]

Pilot #3: Look at the size of that thing!

Lead pilot: Relax, accelerate to attack speed!

[the X-Wings fly closer to the station]

Lead Pilot; this is it, boys.

Yellow Leader: Blue Leader, this Yellow Leader.

Blue Leader: I copy, Yellow Leader.

Yellow Leader: We're heading for the target shaft now.

Leader Pilot: We're in position. I'm gonna try and cut through the axis and try and draw their fire.

[The X-wings fly in close as the turrents on the station open fire on them.]

Leader Pilot: We're under fire!

Pilot #!; I see it, stay low!

[the x-wings then fly past the turret as they circle back around]

Breon: This is Blue 8, I'm going in. [Breon flies his X-wing over the station, as he fires a few blasts causing several explosions]

Pilot #1: (on radio) Breon, pull up!

[Breon then pulls back up before he can hit the side]

Pilot #1: Are you alright, kid?

Breon: I got a little roasted but I'm okay.

[2 X-wings then fly by the turrets as the turrets]

[inside the station several imperials and troopers rush to different stations as one imperial then comes up to Manacore]

Nightmare Imperial: we count 30 Rebel ships, Lord Manacore. But they're so small they're ovaiding our trubo laser.

Darth Manacore: then we'll have to destroy them ship-to-ship. Get the crews to their fighters.

[back outside at the battle the turrets continue firing on the X-wings]

Pilot #2: Watch yourself.

[They keep on firing]

[some of the turrets are blown up as explosions errupted from the halls of the Destruction Moon]

[but then suddenly, one of the X-wings is blown up!]

[in the main room in the station]

PA: The Rebel base will be in range in 10 minutes]

Mojo Jojo: [watching intetly]

[back outside, the battle still continues as Breon then destroys several of the turrets]

Rebel Crewman: Squad leaders. We've picked up a new group of signals. Enemy fighters coming your way.

Breon: My scope's negative. I can't see any!

Blue Leader: Pick up your visual scanning.

Pilot #3: (on radio) Here they come!

[several TIE Fighters then fly in]

[They begin firing]

[2 of the X-wings are then destroyed]

Breon: Hold on, I'll be right there! [he then chases after one of the TIEs that's chasing one of the other X-wings as he then locks onto it and shoots it down]

[inside the station]

Darth Manacore: Several Fighters have broken off from the main group. Come with me! [he then heads to the hanger with 2 TIE pilots]

[back outside, one of the TIEs starts chasing Breon]

Breon: Oh, shoot! You did not shoot green crap at me!

[then one of the laser beams hits one of the X-wing's port engines]

Breon: I'm hit! Bad not bad. BB-8, see what you can do about it! Hang on back there!

BB-8: [beeps and whisltes as he starts fixing the engine]

Breon: Blue #4! Where are you?! I need backup here! I can't shake it!

Blue #4: I'm on it Breon! Hold on! [he flies in and takes out the TIE chasing Breon]

Breon: Thanks, buddy!

Yellow Leader: Blue Leader, this is Yellow Leader. we're starting our attack run!

[the Proton crusiers then fly in and into the trench]

[then we see 2 more TIEs take off along with Manacore's own TIE Advanced]

Darth Manacore: Stay in attack formation!

[They fly in to attack formation, and Darth Manacore shoots one down!]

[the opther Proton cruisers continue flying as their targeting computer starts locking onto target]

[but then Manacore shoots the second one down]

Yellow Leader: This Yellow Leader, lost the other 2 cruisers. It came from behind...

[but then Manacore shoots him down too]

[inside the station]

Nightmare Imperial: Mr. Jojo, we analyzed their attack. And there is a danger. Shall we have your shuttle standing by?

Mojo Jojo: What?! Is this moment of triumph?! I think you over estimate the rebels, M'am!

PA: Rebel base 5 minutes and closing.

[back with the X-wings]

Blue Leader: Blue Boys, this Blue Leader. Rondivous at mark 6.1.

[the team still watch the process from the base]

Rebel solider. Blue Leader, this is Rebel Base. Prepare your grop for the next run.

Blue Leader: I copy, Rebel Base. Breon, stay with Blue 2 and 5. Pull up here and wait for my signal to start your run.

Breon: I copy!

[the X-wings then fly towards the trench]

Pilot #2 This is it!

[they fly down the trench as the turets fire at them]

Pilot #2: We should be able to see it now.

Blue Leader: Keep your eyes open for those fighters!

Pilot #3: There's too much interfurence. Any sign of those fighters?

Breon: No sign of... Wait, they're coming in at point 3:5.

Pilot #2: I see them!

[Manacore's TIE and the other 2 then fly in after them]

Pilot #3: I'm in range. [turns on targeting computer.] Target's coming up. Just hold them off for a few seconds.

Darth Manacore: Close up formation.

[the TIEs then start tailing the X-Wing]

Pilot #3: Almost there.

Darth Mana Core: [his TIE locks onto the second X-wing and he shoots it down]

Pilot #2: Spread out! They're right behind me!

Pilot #3: Almost there.

[the target omputer then locks on and the pilot fires]

Pilot #3: It's away! [pulls upo as a huge explosion erupts from the station sending several troopers flying in the halls]

Blue Leader: Is it a hit?

Pilot: Negative. It just impacted on the surface.

Astrid: Darn it! [slams her fist on the computer]

[then Manacore's TIE follows behind the X-wiing and he shoots it down as the music resumes.]

PA: Rebel base 1 minute in closing.

Mojo Jojo: Yes.

Breon: Okay, we're going in. And going in full throttle that should keep the fighters off our back!

Blue 5: Right with you, Breon!

[Breon and the other X-wings fly into the trench]

Blue 2: My computer shows the tower but I can't see the exhaust port. Are you sure the computer can hit it?

Breon: Watch your back! Increase full thrust!

Blue 5: What about those towers?

Breon: You worry about those fighters! I'll worry about the tower!

[Breon continues his flight]

Breon: BB-8, that stabalizer has broken lose again, see what you can do about it!

BB-8: [beeps as he fixes the stabalizer]

[the TIEs then come in]

Blue 5: Coming in at point, 3!

[then they shoot at the X-wings]

Blue 5: I'm hit! I can;t help you anymore!

Breon: Get clear, there's not much more you can do here.

Blue 5: Sorry! [pulls away]

Darth Manacore: Let him go! Stay on the leader!

Blue 2: Hurry, Breon! They're coming in much faster!

Breon: BB-8, try and increase the power!

Bb-8: [beeps]

Blue 2: Hurry up, Breon! They're right on me! Quick! Quick!

[the Manacore shoots him down]

Breon: [sighs]

PA: Rebel base 30 seconds and closing.

Darth Manacore: I'm on the leader.

BB-8: [beeps]

K-2SO: Hang on, BB-8.

Toaster: Come on, Breon! Don't let us down!

Breon: [turns on the targeting computer and starts to lock on]

Female Voice: Use the Force, Breon.

Breon: Huh? Who said that?

Female Voice: Let go.

Darth Manacore: The Force is strong with this one.

Female Voice: Breon, trust me. Son, my son.

Breon: Mom? [he then looks around] Alright, I'll take your word. [turns off targeting computer]

Rebel Crewman: He turned off his targeting computer.

Rebel Leader: Breon, you shut off your targeting computer. What's wrong?

Breon; Nothing. I'm alright.

BB-8: [beeps]

[then Manacore opens fire again and hits BB-8!]

BB-8: WHAAAA!!!!

Breon: I lost BB-8!

Fishlegs: OH NO!!!

Rebel computer: The Destruction Moon has cleared the orbit! The Destruction Moon is now locked on us!

PA: The Rebel base, is in range!

Mojo Jojo: You may fire when ready.

PA: Comence primary ignition!

Zoe Trent: OH NO!! This is terrible!

Fishlegs: This is it, we're gonna be blown to smithereens in one single blow!

Sunil Nevla: Only one thing to do now! [running in a circle screaming]

[then the other pets join in]

Hiccup: Breon! You gotta take that shot immendiantly! Before it's too late!

Breon: I'm on the case, guys!

Darth Manacore: [locks onto Breon's X-wing] I have you now! [then as he fires another set of lasers appears out fo nowhere and destroys one of the TIEs!]

Breon: Huh?

Darth Manacore: WHAT?!

Ace Uno: Ya-hoo!

[The Infinity Eagle then flies in!]

TIE Pilot: Look out!

[the second TIE fighter then hits Manacore's TIE and sends it flying in circles as the second TIE crashes and blows up]

Ace Uno: You're all clear, Kid! Now let's blow this thing and go home!

Astra: It's Ace! He's come back!

Breon: [fires]

[the torpedoes fly down the trench and into the exhaust port]

Breon: I got it!

{Everyone in the base holds their breath and waits as the crew of the Destruction Moon prep the laser, as the remaining X-wings, Crusier and Infinity Eagle fly clear]

Mojo Jojo: YES!!!! WE WIN!!!!


[the Destruction Moon then explodes ina firey explosion with an after shock following shortly]

Ace Uno: Great Shot, Breon! That was 1-in-a Million!

[in the Rebel base]

Lampy: He did it!

[the pets then emerge from a cicrcle shaped hole they bored in the ground from their panic run]

Pets: YES!!!

Sylveon: Remember, the Force will be with you, Always.

[Manacore regains control and flies away as the ships fly back to Naboo]

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