Banker Bills
Banker Bills
is Connie's grandfather and Green Bills' father who was once a Jedi Knight Temple Guard and Equinelantis Royal Guard.


Back in the era of The Old Republic, Banker Bills was at first a rich banker for the Equinelantis bank and training in the Jedi Order, but then one day he signed up for the Royal Guard, deciding to try a different role in his life. After some time in the academy, he soon become a top Royal Guard and was made in Equinelantis' first Jedi Temple Royal Guard. To where he would guard the Royalty day in and day out.

Then one day, Ernie (a Jedi Knight who was expelled for the Order due to his lust for power and impatientness) tried to take the King's life, Banker Bills and some fo the top ranked guards raced in. And Banker engaged Ernie into a duel. As one of the guards threw him one of their Lightsabers as Banker fought hard against Ernie. But in the midst of the duel, he was critically injured. Then sometime after Ernie and his forces were subdued, Banker was taken to the Hospital but it was soon found he would die. On his last breath, he asked Green Bills to past down his saber to his next descendant at the right age when they were born, and Green Bills gave his word as Banker Bills shortly died.


Then when Connie visited the Spirit World to seek assistance for her main struggles in Jedi Training, Yoda told Connie about her grandfather being a Jedi Knight himself as Banker Bills himself came before them and he then showed Connie the event that took his life and he gave her advice about her Jedi Training and how she could beat Ernie. After Connie was promoted to Jedi Knight, Banker Bills watched over his grandaughter as she went on with her new rank. Even to where he guided her in the Final battle when Bowser Koopa had risen.


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Banker Bills is a male giraffe with a dark yellow coat, and deep brown spots. And dark brown hair. With black hooves. And has green eyes and like all Equinelantians, he wears a diamond necklace. When in his Jedi Temple Royal Guard form, he wear traditional Jedi Temple guard clothing, with a modified helmet showing his role in the royal guard.

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