Back to the Jungle! is another movie of the series.

Summary Edit

The Riders decide to return to the Jungle to visit their friends Baloo, Bagheera, and Mowgli, but on the way, Sunrise and The Pie Twins get separated from the group and are lost in the Jungle. And at the same time, Mowgli heads back into the Jungle to hang with Baloo where his adopted Brother Ranjan and friend, Shanti follow behind. The Riders then enlist help from Baloo and Mowgli to help find the missing foals (with Bagheera later helping). But the foals might be in danger because Shere Khan the tiger has returned and he wishes to seek vengeance on the Riders. And the team will even get help from an expected ally. Can the team find the missing foals before it's too late?!

Plot Edit

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Scenes Edit

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