(aka The Whippet Angel) is the head master of all Dogs angels of Heavan, and was a Master of the Jedi Order back in the Old Republic. (second in command of the Jedi Order while Emperor Rukai was the Grand Jedi Master)


Annabelle now appears throughout the series, often giving most of the cast good advice or coming to to them when they seek her knowledge. Or sometimes comes to their aid when things get too difficult for them


Beautiful, kind-hearted, helpful, and friendly with others, Annabelle is the archangel dog of Heaven. She takes her job very seriously and has a large sense of duty. She is known to get easily excited when things go wrong, and has little patience with Charlie and his laziness, but she seems to have great faith in him and Itchy knowing they could be counted on.


Annabelle is an archangel whippet with pink fur and wears a purple necklace with a red heart on it and a pinkish-red ribbon in her hair. Who wears yellow robes and white cape. When she was in the Jedi Order, she wore a Yellow tunic and brown utility belt.

Main WeaponryEdit


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