Alter is a snobby, rude, HD300 diesel hybrid.


Once on H.G. Island he has been the number #1 shunter and puller of the island. But then years later, he saw that Jenny and Puffer were doing all his work and everyone completely forgot all about him as they drew attention to Puffer and Jenny. Jealous of rage he attempts to get rid of them by blowing them up with nitro glycerin. But unknown to him, Daylight heard the whole entire thing and goes to warn Puffer and Jenny. So then, Puffer and Jenny fake their deaths with freights cars with the nitro glycerin. And Alter was banished from H.G. Island. but he vow to get revenge on them, later the world.



Alter was once kind-hearted, but then when Puffer and Jenny gain popularity. He finally snapped into evil, and allowed his anger to be an evil Sith Lord.

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