Alter (original name Norman) is a snobby, rude, HD300 diesel hybrid. And he is the third main antagonist in the series, and he is Darth Raygar's secret master. And his main goal is to kill Dolphy and Hiatt Grey's engines, and rule the world by controlling Kaiju's and Legendary Pokémon, and let droids and diesels rule the universe.


Once upon a time, Alter was not originally called "Alter" he was called: "Norman". And Norman was a very powerful diesel engine, and he gained a huge following because of it. Hence is why his hench sisters Samantha & Slate became loyal to him, and remain loyal to him till this day. Until one December night, Norman was sent to work at a harbor. And so many visitors and royal people came to witness his power in action, and when everything was ready he stormed off. But suddenly, a steam locomotive got in his way and stole the points before the main line, but by the time he saw the engine it was too late. He crashed into a head on collision! All the passengers, the conductor, driver, and engine were killed, but Norman somehow survived, but was mangled up badly, he was nearly dead, but didn't die. He was taken to a laboratory where the scientists performed an experiment, and had his old engine was placed into a dolphin-like engine! And he had a different engine that wasn't quite that powerful, and this made Norman's hatred gave in and he changed his name to "Alter" and vowed to get revenge and to get his old engine back.



Norman was once a very popular and boastful diesel, and he only cares for diesels. But he is very cold, mean, and cruel towards steam locomotives, as he finds them weak, slow, cheap, non-engaging, and outdated. In fact, he shows no emotion to steams even when they need help. But soon however, after his fatal accident with a steam engine and his old engine gone, he hated them even more, and he now vows for diesels to rule instead of steamies.

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