ANHftE (poster)
A New Hope for The Eeveelutions
is another movie of the series.

Summary Edit

Years have gone by since The Nightmares struck back and Brian Griffin has turned to the Dark Side. and transformed into: Darth Manacore, now they've built a new weapon that they plan to use to cause chaos in the galaxy, but after the Rebellion stole a schematic of the weapon, Darth Manacore has captured Esmeralda in hopes of find the Rebel Base, and to have a chance to destroy the New Jedi Council and Republic, now our heroes will need help from some new friends and from the new member of the Griffin/Eeveelution Family, Breon.

Plot Edit

Prologue: Stealing the plans Edit

The prologue starts out with A Rebellion Team are on a battle of Scariff, where they are transporting some plans for a Blockade runner before being destroyed by a mysterious beam. Then before the Rebels can jump into hyperspace Nightmare forces have arrived, and board a rebel ship and while some rebels attempt to escape. They get trapped, and then someone appears and deploys a red/blue lightsaber and it was Darth Manacore!

Opening crawl/Attack on the Rebellion ship Edit

The Opening Crawl then rolls by and explains what happened after that, and it goes down to the Rebel Blockade runner being pursued by a Star Destroyer. But soon it catches up after shutting down the main reactor. Then a group of rebels go to the main, prepared to shoot anything that comes in. Just then the door saws open and explodes and shootout begins. As that goes on, Darth Manacore appears and looks for the plans.

Crash Landing on Tatooine Edit

At the same time, a KX series droid named "K-2SO" is searching for BB-8 as Jedi/Princess inserts a disk in his dome and hides. Then K-2SO follows BB-8. As Darth Manacore is interrogating one of the crewmen. But the crewmen refuses to give any info so Manacore force choked him to death. Meanwhile the Princess fights off some of the Stormtroopers but is stunned. As BB-8 and K-2SO hop in an escape pod and fly away. Then the Princess reveals to be Esmeralda. As Manacore then demands to know what they did with the plans, but she claims that they don't have any plans and they're a recon ship for royal business, but Manacore denies this and orders for her to be taken aboard their ship and to be questioned, while the rest of the crew is to executed. One Crew member then contacts the Temple and informs them of the situation but before he can share about BB-8 and K-2SO, he is shot dead and the transmission cuts off. Meanwhile, the escape pod has landed in the deserts of Tatooine, where BB-8 and K-2SO walk out for a bit but K2 doesn't what o go on another adventure, and leaves BB-8, who goes off on his own to try and find civilization. Far out in the desert, K2 is talking about how BB-8 always gets them in tight situations and then notices something in the distance and calls for help. While BB-8 is rolling through a canyon, but then he stunned by Tuskegee Raiders who take him aboard their Sandcrawler, where BB-8 meets up with K-2SO again. Then some troopers had landed in the crash sight, and one found K-2SO's parts. So they then send out squads to try and find the droids

At the Farmhouse/Meet BreonEdit

Meanwhile, K-2SO and BB-8 are asleep when the sandcrawler stopped. Then the Raiders come in and wake up all the droids. Then they bring them outside, where a farmhouse is standing. And emerge an uncle and his nephew. Then his aunt called him and tells him that his uncle is not busy, he wants him to head to the village. The nephew agrees to remind his uncle as he walks out to him, where he is currently examining the droids. And he bumps into K-2SO. Hr then asks K-2SO, if he can understand any other language. Which K2, explains he can, as he then goes on about his capabilities, but is quieted. And he also takes a green C1 unit, as he asks his Nephew to take them to the garage for cleaning, but the nephew protests he was gonna go to join his friends to pick up power converters. But his uncle tells him that he can do it later, as the nephew takes K2 and the C1 unit, but BB-8 tries to go along but the Raiders shut him down, and then the C1 unit shorts out. And Breon says it has a bad motivator. Then K2 tells Breon about BB-8, and says he can do the job well done. So, Breon's uncle purchases him.

Breon finds the message/"Out There"/BB-8's gone!Edit

Later, after Breon cleans K-2SO and BB-8 he begins complaining. K2 asks if he can do something, which Breon states only if he can turn back time and teleport him off Tatooine. But K2 doesn't have any capabilities of doing such, and he admits he doesn't even know which planet he's on. As Breon explains that they're on the farthest planet from anything but, if they want to reach to Mos Eisley. As K2 introduces himself and BB-8. Then as Breon is cleaning BB-8, K2 explains about their escapade from earlier, and then Breon activates a hologram message on BB-8, where it shows Esmeralda saying: "Help me, Daring Dragon Riders. You're my only hope." And Breon asks what is it. But BB-8 tries to convince him it's nothing. But Breon is too fascinated by Esmeralda and asks who she is, as K2 explains that she was a passenger on their ship. As Breon asks if there's any more to the recording, but BB-8 says there isn't. But after a stern word from K2, he explains that it's a private message for the Daring Dragon Riders and their friends. But K2, isn't so sure about it. As Breon ponders over it, and explains that he's heard of a group of beings who once came to Tatooine with dragons, in the town. He then decides to try to play back the whole message after determining Esmeralda sounds like she's in trouble. But BB-8 tells him that the restraining bolt is short circuiting and if he removes it he can access the whole message. But after Breon removes it, the Hologram disappears. He shakes BB-8 to bring back the message. But BB-8 claims he doesn't know what he means, as Breon's aunt calls for him and Breon asks K2 to try and get BB-8 to play the messages again as he leaves. Soon, they were having spaghetti with bread. As Breon tells his uncle and Aunt about the message BB-8 had. But his uncle orders him to take him to the village and have his memory erased by tomorrow, and it'll belong to them. But Breon asks what if someone with dragons comes looking for it, but his uncle claims there won't and are probably not around anymore like his father. Which Breon asks about, but his uncle just tells him that the only important thing is to take care of the droids and have them ready for work. As Breon then explains he wants to submit an application for the academy, but his uncle asks him to stay one more year, which Breon then goes back to clean the droids. As Grassy tells Comet that Breon just isn't a farmer, as Comet notes he has too much of his father in him.

Breon is then walks out into the open during a sunset, he talks about how he wishes to have a different life, "Out There". After he finishes the song, he heads back to the garage, but BB-8 is no where to be seen. And finds K-2SO, who was looking for BB-8 himself. As he then explains to Breon that he ran away. Then he tells K-2SO that they'll have to look for him in the morning, due to sandpeople. As they head back into the house.

Searching for BB-8/Sand People attack!/The Dragon Riders show upEdit

The next morning, Comet searches for Breon, but can't find him. As he then asks Grassy if she's seen him, as she explains that Breon left to do do some things. And he took to the droids with him. As Breon and K2 drive along the sandy plains, the scanner picks up something ahead. As they drive onward, Sand People are watching them from the cliffsides. Then Breon and K2 catch up with BB-8, as Breon asks him what's he's doing. As BB-8 explains that's he trying to find a place to let the Dragon Riders know where to go to find him, as K2 scolds him for it. But Breon says it's okay. but then BB-8 detects something out in the southeast, as Breon decides to go check it out. Hiding behind some rocks, Breon uses some electro-binos and sees 2 Sand People, and then one appears and front of him and knocks him out! Then the rest of the Sand people head to Breon's speeder and start looting it as BB-8 hides in a small cave.

And then suddenly, there's a roaring, which scares the sand People away, as BB-8 sees several figures approaching as they walk up to Breon, and then they reveal to be The Daring Dragon Riders, then Hiccup calls to BB-8 for him to come out. And tells him that they're not gonna hurt him. As BB-8 slowly comes out, he asks about Breon, which Nyx assures he'll be fine. As Breon wakes up, he was surprised to see some strangers. As Yuna tells him they mean him no harm, and he's lucky to be in one piece. As Breon asked how they knew he was out in the wastelands, which Sharon explains that they were contacted from a beacon signal, which BB-8 explains he sent it to them, as Breon explains that he's looking for a group called: "The Daring Dragon Riders." Which Astrid replies that they are The Daring Dragon Riders. And adds that BB-8 is one of their allies of their Jedi Council, as they hear more Sand People, but then Breon remembers K2, and they find him on the ground badly damaged, as they pick him up.

In shelter/Backstories of Breon's family/Esmeralda's Message Edit

Soon, the group are in a temporal shelter, where The Griffin Platoon, Ember, Blythe and the Pets are too. As Breon fixes K2, and Yuna explains about Breon's Father being a Jedi Knight, and how he helped in many of their adventures as Hiccup then heads to a case and takes out an object that they have for him. Just Breon finishes fixing K2, who then closes down for a bit as Hiccup gives Breon his Father's Lightsaber. As Breon ignites it and checks it out, as Nyx explains about the Jedi. And how they still managed to stay even with The Nightmare Empire around. As Breon extinguishes the Saber's blade, he then asks how his father died. As Snowdrop explains he was murdered by Darth Manacore. A Jedi knight who joined forces with The Nightmare Empire and helped with their plots to try and destroy the Jedi, and while some were killed, more of them managed to stay alive. As Skyla explains about the Force. As Fishlegs then goes to find the messages that BB-8 has for them. As Breon explains he saw a snippet of it, Fishlegs manages to turn the whole thing on. On the message Esmeralda explains that she and a group of Rebels have find info vital to the Jedi Council's survival into the memory systems of BB-8. But she can't present it herself because her ship was fallen attack under The Nightmare Empire. And BB-8 must be delivered to Jedi Temple before it's too late, and the message ends. As Sharon then tells Breon that he must learn the Ways of the Force if he is to help to them protect the Jedi. But Breon declines it and says he has to stay home. As Astra then tells him that they need his help. If they are to protect the Jedi from falling again, they need all the help they can get to destroy The Nightmare Empire and any other Threat to them. Breon still refuses as he states that his uncle needs him to stay and help him with farm work, and how he cant explain what is happening to his uncle. As Scootaloo states that he must learn the ways of the Force, like his father did. Breon paces for a moment and then tells them they he can take them to Anchorhead so they can get a ride.

At the Destruction Moon Edit

Meanwhile, Manacore is in a giant moon-shaped space station where he is discussing about how to convince Esmeralda to tell them where the base is. As Mojo Jojo states that fear of their new battle station will keep the Jedi and the Republic in control. As one of the members states that they should use the station to prove the Nightmare Empire has more power than anything. But Manacore denies this as he states there is no greater power than the Force. But the man states that Force is completely useless, as Manacore then Force chokes him claiming that his lack of faith disturbing. Mojo Jojo demands him to release him, and Manacore did so. Then Mojo Jojo states that bickering is pointless and then states that Manacore will provide the location of the Rebels, Jedi, and Republic by the time the Station is operational. And when they do, they will crush them all with one swift stroke.

Back In Tatooine/Finding the dead Raiders/Esmeralda tortured Edit

Back on Tatooine, the group come upon the Tuskegee Raiders' Sandcrawler, and find several bodies and damages to the crawler. While it looks like Sand People caused it, the Riders know that Nightmare Empire Stormtroopers were the real culprits. As Breon then realizes that the troops were looking for K2 and BB-8, and then realizes that they could head for his home Farmhouse! As he then jumps into the speeder and drives away as fast as it can go, with the Riders telling him not to. But Breon soon reaches the farmhouse, only to find the place in flames, and when he searches the remains of the place, he finds the bodies of Comet and Grassy Greens at the door.

Back at the Destruction Moon, 2 Imperial Nightmare Equines and Darth Manacore head for Esmeralda's room, with minds to demand the location the Jedi and Rebel location as a torture device floats into the room and the door closes.

Back on Tatooine, Breon drives back to the Sand Crawler where the group are cremating the bodies of the Tuskegee Raiders. As Sweetie Belle tells him there's nothing he could of done, and he would've been killed too. And the Droids would be in the hands of The Nightmare Empire. As Breon requests to go with and learn to become a Jedi, which they except. As they drive onward to where they stop on a cliffside and see Mos Eisley Spaceport in the distance. And they head down there. As Breon then drives into the town, where they are stopped by a squad of Stormtroopers. As they request to see Breon's identification. But then Astrid uses a Jedi Mind Trick on them, and makes them allow passage. As Breon then stops nears one of the buildings, as Astrid explains to Breon about Mind Tricks. And they head inside a bar.

At the Bar/Meet Ace UnoEdit

Inside, our heroes see various aliens. As Sharon then starts talking to a Diamond Dog. But when Breon is about to step in, the bartender tells him they don't allow droids. Which Breon asks them to stay outside with the Speeder, as he doesn't want to cause trouble, which K2 conquers. As Breon heads up to the bar stand and gets a small drink for himself and looks all around the place. And then a thug shoves him and talks gibberish. And then another thug then tells Breon that his buddy doesn't like him, and he doesn't like him either. And then he tells Breon that he and his buddy are wanted men and have the death sentence on 12 systems, as Breon tells him he'll be careful. But then thug turns him back to face him and states he'll be dead. But then Skyla jumps in and tells the thugs that Breon isn't worth any trouble and offers them some drinks, but the thug then throws Breon aside. The bartender yells for no blasters as he takes cover, but as the thug draw their blasters, Skyla quickly ignites her saber and disarms them of their blasters and then cuts one of their arms off. As Breon is watching in awe. Skyla then extinguishes her saber, everyone continues their business. And she goes to Breon and helps him up. Then Sharon tells the group that the Diamond Dog she was talking to is the First Mate of a ship that might suit them. Outside, the droid continue waiting but several Stormtroopers are paroling around the place near them.

Back inside the Bar, the group then meet up with a male Griffin named Ace Uno, who is the captain of a ship called "The Infinity Eagle". And explains that Crocodog tells him they need a ship to get to the location the Jedi Council. Which Snoutlout replies only if it's a fast ship. Which Ace asks if they ever heard of the Infinity Eagle, as he claims it made a Kessel run in 12 parsakes. And then adds he's outrun Nightmare Empire Starships, the big ones. And he's ever outrun The First Order's ships too. And adds that he once gave Han Solo a lift to certain location when the Millennium Falcon was out of commission. As he then asks about the cargo, which Yuna explains that it's them, and the droids. And they wanna avoid Nightmare Empire entanglements. Fishlegs then asks the cost. Which Ace replies it'll cost them 12,000. Which Breon is shocked to hear and states he could buy a ship with that kind of money. And he's about to decline the offer, but then Sharon tells Ace that they can pay him 3,000 now, and then 17,000 when they reach their destination. Impressed by the price, Ace tells them they have a deal, and tells them to meet him at docking bay 4, and they can leave as soon as they want. And then he notices 2 Stormtroopers. Who then come over, by our heroes are already gone. As Ace comments about how their payment can save his neck, as he tells Crocodog to prep the ship. As the group head back to the speeder. As Nyx tells Breon they'll have to sell his speeder, which Breon doesn't mind, since he's not coming back. But when Ace goes to leave a pirate then stops him, and sits him back done, with a blaster pistol held at him. Which Ace tells him that he was just going to see his boss at that moment, but the pirate tells Ace it's too late and he should've paid Hook when he had the chance. And then adds that Hook put a price on his head so large, every single known bounty hunter will be looking for him. But Ace firmly tells him he has the money this time. But then the pirate asks him to give him the money, but as Ace tries to explain that he doesn't have it at the moment but he'll get it too him. But the prate states that Hook has no time with Smugglers who drop their load at the first sight of Nightmare Empire cruisers, which Ace states that he can get boarded at most times, and he didn't really have a choice. As he then upholsters his own blaster pistol. Then the pirates states that Hook will finish him off and then took over his ship, which Ace replies over his dead body. As the pirate says that's the idea and he's been waiting a long time for this moment. Which Ace agrees to before shooting him dead with his own blaster. As Ace then leaves and apologizes to the Bartender and throws him a sack of money.

Back at the destruction Moon/Ace talks to HookEdit

Back at the Destruction Moon, Manacore tells the others that the mind control, probe won't be able to make Esmeralda give the info they need in the time they need. Then one crewman comes in and explains that the final check up is complete and all systems are operational. This gives Mojo Jojo an idea for how to persuade Esmeralda to talk. By demonstrating the power of their station. And asks the crewmen to head for Jestoria. (a planet where many gypsies and jesters come from).

Back in Tatooine, The droids are hiding from many Stormtroopers. Which they manage to give them the slip. K2 expresses that he would've preferred to go with Breon. With Breon and the others, he then gives the speeder to a biker and he then expresses that he won't come back to his world again. At the landing bar, several pirates and bounty hunters are searching the Infinity Eagle as Captain Hook is calling for him. Just as Ace walks up saying he's been waiting for him. As Hook tells Ace he's disappointed and asks why he killed his crew member that he sent to find him. As Ace then states that next time he wants to talk to him, he should come see him himself. But Hook explains he can't make exceptions and asks what would he do with smugglers who drop their cargo at first sight of Nightmare Empire ships. Which Ace firmly states that he can get boarded sometimes. But he can pay Hook back with a little extra, he just needs a bit more time. As Hook then tells Ace he's the best. Which Ace then says he'll give Hook an extra 15%. Which Hook then gives Ace 2 weeks to pay the money he wants. However, Ace has a feeling Hook will only try to find a loophole in the bargain. So he firmly tells Hook, that he is not to find any loophole in this bargain. Just leave it as it is. Hook swears to do it, as he then warns Ace if he fails again, he'll put a price on his head so big, he won't be able to go to civilization without before caught. Ace accepts this, as Hook and his crew leaves.

Leaving Tatooine/Destruction of Jestoria Edit

Our heroes then soon arrive at the docking bay, where Crocodog meets up with them. But an alien then watches them and speaks into a radio. As Crocodog then brings the group to the ship, where Breon calls it a piece of junk. As Ace explains it may not look like much, but it is very fast none the less. Which Carlos asks is it just as Fast as The Millennium Falcon. Which Ace claims that it's a little bit faster than the Millennium Falcon. (although, he wasn't quite sure this was true). As the group then board the ship, but then suddenly, several Stormtroopers come in and open fire on them! As Ace returns fire with his 2 blaster pistols, he races onboard and yells to Crocodog to get the ship going, as everyone straps them selves in, as the ship lifts and then takes off. But as they leave the atmosphere several Nightmare Cruisers are on their tail. As Ace gets into the pilot's seat and prepares to go into light speed, as Breon then asks him if the ship is as fast as he says. As the ships draw fire upon them, Ace and Crocodog make a few more adjustments to the controls and then the ship takes off in lightspeed!

Meanwhile, the Destruction Moon is soon a few feet away from Jestoria. Where Esmeralda is escorted the main viewing room. Mojo Jojo then greets her, and then tells her that Jedi and Rebels will soon not any chance against them, as Esmeralda claims that the Nightmare Empire will never rise to the same power as the Galactic Empire did once before. But Mojo says that it will after they demonstrate the power of the station, as he then shares that she determined the first choice of which planet will be destroyed first. Since she's reluctant to share the location the Rebels and the Jedi council, he has chosen to test the station's power on Jestoria. Esmeralda begs him not to, as she claims that gypsies are peaceful and have no meaning to ever fight against the Nightmare Empire. As Mojo asks if she would prefer another target, then she should name the system. As he then expresses that he is getting tired of asking where the base is, and asks her again. Which Esmeralda tells him that it's on Dantooine. Mojo is glad that she answered but never the less orders for the weapon to be fired anyway, as Esmeralda begs for him not to. But Mojo claims Dantooine is too remote to make an effective demonstration, but they will soon deal with their rebel friends soon. As the crew commence the ignition and then with one strong blast the planet of Jestoria is destroyed!

On The Infinity Eagle/Training Breon/Holograms from the other Eeveelutions Edit

On the Infinity Eagle, Breon is practicing blocking blaster bolts, as the group then are taken back as they sit down. Which Breon asks what's wrong, as Sharon explains that they felt a great disturbance in the Force. That something terrible has happened. As Apple Bloom then tells Breon to continue with his exercises, then Ace comes in and explains that they've lost the Nightmare Empire cruisers, as he brags about he he'd outrun them, as he then takes a seat next to Astra. As Breon continues deflecting blaster bolts. While Crocodog and BB-8 are playing a game of chess, BB-8 knocks off Crocodog's queen leaving his king left, and BB-8 says "ah ah!" every time he moves the king, and he laughs. Crocodog then hangs on his King for a moment and then lets go and acts like he's having a heart a attack and then slowly drops to the ground. BB-8 then looks down at the ground as Crocodog slowly gets back up and then turns the chess board around. As the droids get in shock. Then Crocodog takes a seat again as BB-8 waits for him to do something, but Crocodog looks confused as BB-8 starts laughing again but then Crocodog gets an idea then puts his queen right next to the king. And K-2SO shouts that he cheats which upsets Crocodog, Ace tells him it's not right to upset a diamond dog. As K-2SO tells him that no one upsets a droid, then Ace tells him that droids don't pull arms out of sockets. And confirms that diamond dogs are known to do that. Which K-2SO sees his point. As Breon continues practicing deflecting Blaster bolts, but one of them ends up stinging him. Ace chuckles at this and claims that nothing is a match to a good blaster on their side. Which Breon asks if Ace believes in the Force. Ace explains that he's been all across the galaxy, and seen a lot of strange things. But never anything that could make him believe there's one all-powerful force controlling everything. And there's no energy field that controls his destiny. To him it's more like simple tricks and nonsense. Which Ember suggests that Breon should try again, but this time letting go of his conscious self and act on instinct. As she then picks up a helmet and puts it on Breon's head. But Breon claims that with the blast shield down, he can't even see. And asks how he's suppose to fight. Which Button Mash explains that his eyes can deceive him. And he shouldn't trust them. As Snowdrop then adds that even though see herself is blind, she's always used the Force to help her fight. As Breon then ignites the saber and at is shocked once, as Connie tells him to stretch out with his feelings. As Breon then manages to deflect several blaster bolts easy. But Ace calls it luck. Which Astra shares that in her experience, there's no such thing as luck. As Ace then notes that good against remotes is one thing, but against the living is another matter. Which Ace then asks Astra how a pretty griffon like herself got to be a Jedi. Astra explains about her training of being Jedi in a short story. Connie then decides to teach Breon about using Jar'Kai, which Blythe lends Breon her back-up saber, as Connie ignites her own. As she teaches Breon about Jar'Kai, she explains his mother was a skilled Jar'Kai specialist. "I'll Make A Jedi Out of You".

Then, after some more training Tuffnut then notes about the holocrons that Breon's siblings left for him. Which Hiccup brings out another case, containing a few holocrons. As Hiccup explains to Breon, that he must open the Holocrons with the Force in order to view the messages within them. Breon then takes one of them out and then tries to focus on using the Force. But at first, he doesn't get it but then soon the holocron opens up and a hologram showing Vaporeon appears. Which Vaporeon then starts telling that everything he was told is not the truth. And, then gives him a brief description of the past of his siblings, and then tells Breon, that his mission now is to train to become a Jedi Knight, and then confront Manacore. And then help the Riders destroy the Sith. And only then he will be able to reunite all members of his family, including them as the hologram ends. Then, a beeper starts going off. Which is indicating that they're approaching Jestoria. As the group head to the cockpit, Breon shares that he could see the remote, which Zeñorita shares that he's taking his first step into a larger world.

The Destruction Moon/Sneaking into the Station/Rescuing EsmeraldaEdit

At the Destruction Moon, Some crewmen come in and talk to Mojo, and explain that the scouts ships reached Dantooine. They did find a rebel base, but find it was deserted for some time. And they've begun to conduct an extensive search on the surrounding systems. Mojo is shocked and frustrated that Esmeralda lied to them. As Manacore then states she wouldn't consciously betray the Jedi or Rebellion. As He then asks Mojo why he's a happy guy. And tells him that as he's a Sith he can do anything he wants with King Sombra's permission, he can do whatever he wants. Infact the only thing that concerns him if the Jedi come back to full power, it'll end, and he Force chokes as he states Mojo is beginning to make it happen. First he tries to kill Esmeralda and then lets the Droids escape. Which Mojo claims that they're having help from Rebels, which Manacore says he's aware of it. And then asks Mojo who told him to think, and he doesn't give him enough info to think. And he is to do what he's told, and nothing more. As Manacore then explains they have a tricky situation. For the Jedi Rebellion sneak the plans to The Destruction Moon, and they could be doing anything to get it. As well as try to save Esmeralda.  And he has a plan to keep to take advantage of it, and he asks Mojo if he can play along. Which Mojo replies he can, as Manacore threatens him that if he doesn't, he'll end his life slowly and painfully.

As the Infinity Eagle continues flying through hyperspace, The group soon come up into the cockpit. As Ace powers down the engines. But as soon as he does, he's shocked to find a huge field of meteors in their path. As the rest of the team come in to see what's wrong. Which Ace explains that they're in the right place but there is no sign of Jestoria. As he then adds it was blown up. As Breon asks how, which Yuna explains it was destroyed by The Nightmare Empire, but Nyx says it's impossible, as Dorthy Ann points out in one of her books that it would take around 200,000 ships to completely destroy a planet. As Ace conquers. But then the scanner picks up something else which is 2 more ships coming in. Which Ruffnut says it could be TIE fighters, while Tuffnut argues it could be something bigger. But then 2 TIEs fly past the ship. And, the others follow behind them. Then Arnold notices the TIEs are headed for a small moon, but Sharon then says: "That's no Moon, it's a space station." But Ace claims it's too big to be a space station, but as they closer they begin to see it is a space station. As Ace then tries to turn around, the ship continues forward as Crocodog then exclaims that they've been caught in a tractor beam. Which Ace then shuts down the ship, as Ramon shares that there are alternates to fighting, as the ship is then pulled in closer and then one of the docking bay doors is opened and the ship floats gently inside the hanger. As several Stormtrooper squadrons surround the ship, as they contact Mojo and tell him that's the same ship they encountered in Mos Eisley. Soon, Manacore comes down to the Stormtrooper squads and then the leader tells him that no one is aboard and the crew abandoned it after takeoff, and claims it's a decoy. But Manacore asks if they found any droids. Which they haven't, so Manacore then requests a scanning crew to be sent onboard and have every part of the ship checked. But then he senses something. Something he hasn't in a while. As he then walks away, as a scanning crew is called in. All troopers search every crook and any of the ship but find nothing. but after they leave, our heroes then come out of smuggling compartments. As Sunil asks if there's any way they can leave, but Ace explains that even if he could take off, there's no way he could get past the tractor beam. Which Yuna says she'll take care of it. Then the scanning crew arrives and heads into the ship, but after a while the 2 troops outside the entrance are called in and they then walk inside as blaster fire is heard.

Then, one of the Stormtroopers walks out, and signals to the crew in a helping problem. But when one of them opens the door, on the other side is Crocodog, another Stromtrooper, and a few of the others. As Crocodog knocks down the one crewmen as the other tries to draw his blaster pistol, but he is shot down. Everyone races in the room and shuts the door. As Breon takes off the helmet he's wearing and notes to Ace of his blasting, and Crocodog's howling. It's a wonder that the whole station doesn't know they're there. Which Ace then states he prefers a straight fight, rather than standing around, which Snoutlout, Crippin, Wanda, Ruffnut, and Tuffnut conquer. As BB-8 then hooks into the computer outlet. And then finds the main controls to thew power holding the Infinity Eagle in the hanger. And then shows on the screen 7 different power terminals for it, and a power loss at one of them will allow the ship to leave. Which Yuna says she'll take care of, and she then leaves the room. And then BB-8 detects something else. Which turns out to be Esmeralda, which Breon then asks BB-8 to locate her, and he finds her in the prison rooms. Which Breon states they should go free her, which the others agree, but Ace is confused. Breon confirms that the droids belong to Esmeralda, and that she's the one in the message and have to help her. but Ace states he's not leaving. Which Crippin notes that he said earlier that he wanted to have a straight fight and not stand around. But Ace explains that racing into the Prison Rooms isn't what he had in mind. As Breon then states that they could kill her, as Ace replies "better her than me." But then Breon gets an idea, and tells Ace that she's rich. And if he were to rescue her the reward could be more money than what he ever made in his life. As Skyla then adds if he helps them they will give extra to their last offer back in the bar. Ace accepts and then asks what the plan is. As Breon asks for a pair of binders and is about to put them on Crocodog, but he growls at him. So Ace did it. K2 then asks what they should do. Which Hiccup tells them to stay there, as Astrid hands K2 a spare Blaster pistol.

As they walk down the hallway (some of the team are hiding inside a cart), they come across a mouse droid which Crocodog scares off. And then they come to an elevator and board it. As Breon comments that he can't see very well in the helmet. As they go up the elevator, Yuna sneaks her way through the hallways, just as Manacore pauses and feels something. In the elevator, Ace loosens Crocodog's cuffs, as he comments that it's not gonna work. Then the elevator stops, but they found they stopped too soon and are in Stormtrooper church. And they go down again. As they are now in the prison room, which the guards ask about their presence, which they explain that they're a prison transport. But the main guard requests for it to be cleared. But as one them starts to inspect Crocodog, he gets loose and then they all start firing their blasters, as the team take out all the guards and the security cameras. As Ace then locates Esmeralda, as Breon heads to find her, as Ace then tries to stall the others but to no avail as he then shoots out the radio and warns Breon they're about to have company. As they all get into attack formation, Breon finds Esmeralda's cell and opens it, as she asks him about his height, as Breon then removes the helmet. And explains that he's here to rescue her with the Daring Dragon Riders. Meanwhile, in the main meeting room Manacore informs Mojo that the Riders are in the station, but Mojo doesn't believe him. But Manacore explains he sensed their presence through the Force. And then the intercom comes on and they receive a transmission that there's an alert in the prison rooms. Which Manacore then confirms they are there, the Force is with them. As Mojo then states they can't let them leave. But Manacore explains that escape isn't their plan, and he must face them alone. And he leaves. As Yuna senses his presence and continues on.

Prison Hall Shootout/In the Garbage Compactor Edit

Back in the prison hall, Crocodog alerts the team that the elevator is coming. Then the door blasts open as Stormtroopers open fire on them as the team return fire, as they run down the hallway, and meet up with Breon and Esmeralda. As the Stormtroopers continue to open fire on them. Breon the contacts K2 and asks him if there's any other way out, but K2 replies there isn't, and then there's a knocking on the door. Back in the prison room the shootout continues, and then Astra notices an vent and blasts it open, as she then slides down a chute, as everyone goes in after her. But Crocodog refuses due to something he smells. But goes anyway after Ace demands him to, and as Croco slides down, he then comments that Astra is a wonderful griffon, but notes he's debating on wanting to kill her or if he's beginning to like her. As Breon then jumps in and is followed by Ace. And they all land in a garbage room. As Crocodog tries to get the door open, but then Ace tries shooting it open but the blaster bolt ends up ricocheting off the walls. Breon then explains that they already tried shooting it open, but the door's magnetically sealed, as Esmeralda tells Ace to put away the blaster before he gets someone hurt. And then there's a roaring sound, as Ace confirms it's worse. Then Zina jumps as she feels something touch her tail. And then the team see something move through the water. As Croco and Ralphie struggle to get the door open. Then, an eye peeks out, and then something grabs Breon's tail and drags him under! Ace struggles to find him but there was no sign of him. As Breon then pops out, but with a tentacle around his body, and yells at Ace to shoot anywhere. As Astra tries to pull him loose, but Breon is pulled back under. Then as the team try to find him again, he then springs out of the water. And then there's a loud clank and then the walls start closing in! They try to hold them back, but it wasn't working. As Breon then remembers K-2SO and BB-8, but when he tries contacting them, they aren't at the comlink, as the Stormtroopers then manage to order the door. And find the 2 droids in another room, which K2 claims that the intruders went to the prisoner room, so the majority of the squad go to prison room, but 2 stay behind. As K2 requests for him to take BB-8 to maintenance room for maintenance, which the trooper allows it. As the team try to hold back the walls in the compactor room, as Breon still frantically calls for K2. As the 2 droids are now in another room, in which BB-8 hooks into the computer to try and locate them. Back int he room, the compactor is almost complete closed, as BB-8 then reminds K2 of the comlink as he contacts Breon in which he tells him to shut down the garbage compactors, as K2 tells BB-8 to shut them all down, As Breon then yells into the comlink: "K2, we... are going... to.. DIE!!" Before it seems like the team will be crushes, BB-8 manages to stop the compactor just in time. As everyone cheers, but K2 think they're dying, but Breon assures him that they're fine and BB-8 opens the door. Soon Yuna reaches one of the power generators and then shuts it down.

Race for the Infinity Eagle/Brief Duel with Manacore/Escaping the Destruction Moon Edit

After everyone gets out of the compactor room, they remove the Stormtrooper suits they took, and as they walk down the halls, as Ace comments that no reward is worth what they're doing. Back with Yuna, several Stormtroopers walk in to investigate as she then hides behind the power generator as she then uses a Jedi Mind trick on them as she slips away. Back with the rest of the team, they soon found a window that shows the main hangar where the Infinity Eagle still stands as Breon contacts the droids, and tells them to stand by, as Esmeralda tells Ace he's braver than he looks (after seeing his ship). But as they head down the halls, they run into more Stormtroopers! As Ace and Crocodog chase them down while the rest of the team run the other way, but as Ace continues chasing them he ends up in a huge room with several Stormtroopers as the team are chased by another squad of troopers as they split up, but Breon and Esmeralda end up at a dead end. As the troopers race in, but Breon shoots out the door controls, making the door shut, but it also destroys the controls for the bridge, as Breon then notice a railing above them, but then at another platform more Stormtroopers appear and draw fire at them as Breon and Esmeralda return fire, as Breon then takes out a grappling hook and hooks onto the railing, and he grabs Esmeralda and they swing across.

While Yuna is making her way through the halls, she takes out her Lightsaber, as she feels Manacore's presence. Whole the rest of the gang are racing away from the Stormtroopers, as they take cover behind some crates to continue their line of fire. Then after a few more shots Astra decides to try a different method, as she then tells Ace to prepare himself for a surprise. As Astra then steps out from behind the crates, slowly avoiding each blaster bolt, as the Stormtroopers hold their fire. As Astra reaches behind her back and then she ignites her Lightsaber, which shocks the troopers, as they all concentrate their fire on Astra herself. But she merely deflects all blaster bolts, and then she stops, as she then ignites the other 3 blades on her saber and activates the spinning mode and she then hurls it at the Stormtroopers, which decapitates them all, as she then retrieves her saber. And they continue their race away, only to be stopped by another group of Stormtroopers and crewmen. Which then Crippin stops forward, and takes a deep breath. And she lets out a thunderous roar, which sends all the troopers flying back. As she races forward and starts taking out all troopers using her own claws or her hatchets. As she shocks the rest with Force Lightning, leaving them a chance to escape. As they continue running off, as Ace comments that was the most amazing thing he's ever seen.

Yuna continues walking along and then she comes up to Darth Manacore, (who has his saber ignited) as Yuna ignites her own saber. And Manacore tells her that he's been waiting for her at last. When she left, he was a learner, now he's the master. As Yuna says he's a master of evil. As they clash sabers. As Manacore tells Yuna her powers are weak. While Yuna tells him, if he strikes her down, she'll become more powerful than he can possible imagine. After another clashing of sabers, Manacore then tells Yuna she shouldn't of come back as they clash sabers again. Meanwhile the team are now at the main hangar, as Yuna's duel with Manacore is nearing it. Which the Stormtroopers then race over to help. The team then take this opportunity to race for the ship, but more Stormtroopers appear behind them, just as they reach the hangar, which K2 and BB-8 make their way for the ship too, as K2 then returns fire at them. But then Breon notices Yuna in a blade lock with Manacore. Which Yuna notices him close by. So then she then tells Manacore that they will meet again as she then teleports onto the ship's loading door. Which the Stormtroopers draw fire at them as they return fire. Which Manacore then turns towards them and starts walking for them. Which Nightstar fires a plasma blast at the door controls, making it shut. As the team shoot down the remaining Stormtroopers and board the ship and Ace flies it away.

TIE Fighter chase/Arriving on Naboo Edit

Later, Breon asks Yuna who that guy was. As she explains that it was Darth Manacore. And explains that during his time with The Nightmare Empire, he was given a cybernetic suit, because he got a lot of injuries in the many fights he was in. And then an alarm goes off, as Ace calls out that TIE are chasing them as he tells the team he needs help operating the main guns. As he and a few others head into the gun rooms. As several TIE fly past the ship they draw fire upon it as our heroes return fire. As BB-8 extinguishes a fire, then Ace shoots one TIE down, as Astrid shoots down another one, and then Breon shoots down one of his own. And soon, they shoot down all TIEs, as K2 is now tangled in a bunch of wires. Back in the Destruction Moon, Manacore informs Mojo that they made the jump in hyperspace, and assures that the homing beacon they implanted on Infinity Eagle.

As Ace then comments that he impresses himself sometimes. But Esmeralda then tells him that they let them escape and they're being tracked. But Ace doesn't believe it. And then he asks why BB-8 is so important, as Esmeralda explains that he's carrying the technique readout to The Destruction Moon, and they hope to find a weakness in the station. But Ace tells her that he's not in it to help fight The Nightmare Empire, he was only in it to be well paid. Which Esmeralda states that he will get paid for his handy work and leaves the cockpit. As Breon then sits down, and Ace then asks him if a Jedi Master Griffon and a guy like him could ever be together. But Breon doesn't think so. As the ship continues flying through space and soon reaches the Planet of Naboo.

Then, the ship lands at the main house where the Rebels and few more of our heroes met up with them. Then a cruiser brings them into the base, as Pheobus greets them. They then come into the main control room where BB-8 hooks himself up to the computer and shows the plans of The Destruction Moon (as a hologram from the Jedi Temple has come up). And the Destruction Moon is approaching Naboo. After examining them, they find that it has a weakspot, and in order to get to it, they'll have to fly down a tight trench towards a thermal port with a hole only 2 meters big. Where if they fire something down it, the shots will fly into the reactor, causing a chain reaction causing the whole thing to explode. And so, everyone heads to different ships. While the Destruction Moon is still approaching Naboo, as Manacore notes that this will be an event long remembered.

While Ace is preparing to leave, Breon then tells him that the Rebellion could use a good pilot like him. But Ace tells him that attacking a battle station like the Destruction Moon isn't his kind of thing. Which Breon tells him to take care of himself, Ace wishes him good luck. But Crocodog protests about his choice. As Breon then heads for his own X-wing, which BB-8 is flying with him. And soon, all ships take to the skies.

Battle of the Destruction Moon Edit

Soon all ships out in space, and the battle of The Destruction Moon has begun! With blasters firing there, and blasters firing there! The Destruction Moon does take a few good hits, but it still stays strong. As Manacore orders the crew to send out all TIE Fighters they have available and take out all enemy ships one-by-one. As the ships shoot out several turrets, the Destruction moon continues to come closer to Naboo. As Breon shoots out several turrets, but then the base informs the team that there's TIE Fighters heading for them. The TIES manage to shoot down several of the ships, but they still continue their attack. As Manacore then goes himself. Breon's X-wing is hit, but BB-8 manages to fix it. As another X-wing flies behind and shoots out the TIE. As 2 proton cruisers fly into the trench, and prepare their targeting computers. But as the computers lock on, 2 more TIES and an advanced TIE fly in behind (with Manacore flying the Advanced TIE) As he shoots down of the ships and then he starts out the other. And then the final Proton Cruiser. Inside the ship one of the Crewmen informs Mojo that they could be a chance of danger and asks if he should have a shuttle prepared for him, But Mojo believes they win. And, a few other X-wings then fly into the trench. as one of the makes an attempt to shoot at Thermal port, but his shot misses. As Manacore and the 2 other TIEs chases them down and shoot them down. So Breon and another X-wing fly into the trench next, but as the TIEs chases them one of the X-wings retreats after taking heavy damage. While the second one is shoot down. As Breon prepares the targeting Computer but then he hears a female voice telling him to use The Force and let go. So Breon then shuts down his targeting computer as Manacore draws fire at him, and he hits BB-8! And to make matters worst the Destruction Moon is now right in front of Naboo! As Mojo tells the crew to fire when ready. Then just as Manacore locks onto Breon's ship and is about to fire another shot of lasers destroys one of the TIEs and up in the sky is Ace and Crocodog in the Infinity Eagle! As the other TIE crashes while Manacore's TIE is sent flying out into space and then Breon fires. And his shots fly right in the thermal port! As the ships retreat, and the Destruction Moon is warmed up, the whole station explodes in a fiery explosion!

Celebration/Breon and Ace's rewarding ceremony/Ending Edit

Soon, everyone celebrates Breon for saving the planet, but BB-8 was badly damaged. The next day, there was a rewarding ceremony for Breon and Ace. And everyone cheers as the film comes to an end.

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Soundtrack Edit

  1. Star Wars Opening Crawl
  2. Out There (Breon)
  3. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace - Escape from Naboo (while escaping from Tatooine)
  4. We'll Make a Jedi Out of You (the Riders and their friends)
  5. Pokemon Movie05 BGM "Going to Latios" (during the TIE Figter chase and battle)
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  7. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - May it Be (for the end credits)

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